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Ordered my birth certificate on 2/1/17. Received it on 2/3/17. My name and my fathers name were both misspelled. Called VitalCheck and was told that I had to "call the state office myself because VitalCheck does not provide any services." You pay to use their website and that is it.

For example: Person 1 wants to tell person 2 their name. VitalCheck steps in and says they will tell person 2 the name of person 1 for a fee. VitalCheck will provide absolutely no support in the event of any mistakes made. You simply pay them to act as an unnecessary middle man that provides no actual service. Person 1 can give person 2 the same info and have the same results.

There is no reason for VitalCheck to be involved in this transaction. But they convince you that it's safer and easier for you to use their non-service. VitalCheck simply collects your money and all of your personal/sensitive info and then does the same thing with the state office that you just did with VitalCheck. You're paying for nothing. Might as well just throw away your money and do everything yourself. Its the same amount of work and the same outcome.

Feb 3, 2017

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