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879 West 190th Street, Suite 400, Gardena, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 424-772-6604

Marian Karons, franchise owner, does NOT run background checks BEFORE sending caregivers out to clients' homes.
She sits with family members and touts how EVERY worker of hers has passed a comprehensive background check, only to find out later, that that isn't true!
She had a caregiver working with one client for THREE WEEKS, when the client found out that caregiver did NOT pass the background check!!
She does not have enough workers to support the clients she signs contracts with. Some of her "caregivers" refuse to do any work! When they are rejected by one client, they are sent to another, instead of fired!
Marion has been known to yell and scream at clients and family members, call names, fling insults and hang up on them!
She comes in with promises and pleasantries. Neither is worth much, nor do they last.
Her employees have difficulties with her - if not outright unhappy! Apparently, she yells at them, threatens their jobs if they can't work certain hours - despite being informed of that fact before hiring - and pays them HALF of what she charges for the service!
According to reviews from this, and other sites, it looks as if this company has similar issues all over the states!

Sep 12, 2014

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