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10:16 am EDT
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Bare International - No payment received

I have completed two assignments with Bare International, the first one submitted 12th August, the second submitted 3rd September.

I read Bare International guidelines regarding payment, and figured out they pay at the end of the month after completion.

My bank details are all correct and I have checked them so one times. No payment received, no response to emails, and I have emailed multiple email addresses to try and get answers. It would appear they have decided to con me out of my earnings!


My first report got a 10/10, so there was no issue with it, so no need to withhold payment.

For U.K. evaluators, please do not trust this company. I work with many reputable companies in the U.K., this is not one of them. I am enraged that they have wasted my time and effort to con me out of my earnings. A completely unethical con company.

Desired outcome: Pay me my fees!

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10:31 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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Bare International - mystery shopping initial package assignment

I filled out one of the on-line application to be a mystery shopper. Two companies replied surprisingly with checks attached to be deposited and a big portion send to someone and the balance to do the shopping and my pay for the services. One of the package says Bare International (not in a company letterhead) and the contact person ([protected] has no contact for Bare International. Can somebody tell me if this process is legit?

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

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11:02 pm EST

Bare International - mystery shopping

I performed 2 audits for bare International and its been more than a month I am waiting for the payment to be transferred in my paypal account. Whenever i requests the representative by email, the answer is within 30 days. Really I am frustrated with this behavior as burned the gas of my car for more than 30 KMs and requested my wife to accompany for this audit as per requirements.

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7:30 pm EDT

Bare International - non-payment

I completed a mystery shop for this company 9 months ago at a Harley Davidson location in Texas. I have still not been paid for the shop which I received a perfect rating 10. When I first attempted to collect my payment for this shop I was told by Tabatha I would have to wait 6 months to see if the check clears. I called Tabatha back after six months. I was told by Tabitha the my check was cashed 1 month after I called. I told Tabatha I did not cash the check. She told me to call bank the company used. The band said they could not give me any information because the account was not in my name. The bank told me the company had fraud protection on the account. The customers service rep said they should pay me and the bank would reimburse the Bare International. Tabatha said no the information from the customers service was not correct. Tabatha said this is your problem not ours. I contacted the bank again. I was told to complete fraud complaint, have it notarized and return the information. I did this promptly. I am now told by TEX with customers service at the bank that they will have to do a investigation. I have provided the proof I did not receive my pay check or cash the check. Tex told me this check was cashed in California. I am in Texas. This is unacceptable. The check $40.00. This is a Multimillion Dollar Company.

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1 comment
May 04, 2015 3:41 pm EDT

I would first like to apologize that I am just now seeing this post and responding. We do try our best to monitor and keep up with complaints in a timely manner.
I am sorry to hear that the individual who wrote the post feels unsatisfied with our payment processing policies and procedures.
We here at Bare are adamant in our commitment to paying our shoppers in a timely and efficient manner while up holding our policies and procedures.
The scenario described is one I am very familiar with. The shopper who wrote the post phoned me directly on March 27th and apologized for the trouble stating that he had in fact cashed the check.
It is unfortunate that the individual did not also take the time to amend his comments on this site.
I am always available for questions/concerns and can be reached via email [email protected]

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4:02 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Bare International - scammed

I am a mystery shopper with bare international & several other mystery shopping companies too.
I genuinely have following complain with Bare International & would like to warn people of their irresponsible behavior towards the shoppers.

1. The pay is very minimal as compared to the other mystery shopping companies.
2. Their report is unduly long & elaborative.
3. Everytime you mystery shop for them & they would find 100 errors in your report, however genuinely, you have filled their reports.
4. All the other companies, in cases of doubts or disconnect would call you & confirm the details & rephrase the things if they feel is required but the members of Bare would try to exclude your reports on maximum grounds possible. Once you have sent the report & the receipt to them, they will tell you that your report is excluded & will not pay you.
5. 70% of the times, they will find reasons for not paying you but will fetch the receipt & report from you & would present it to the company & will fill their own pockets.
6. The team members are extremely uncooperative. They try to push you down by suggesting you have filled in the report wrongly & would exclude your report for most of the times possible so that they end up not paying you for the purchase & non purchase audits made by you.
I have found this company very unethical to work with & I am hugely disappointed. So, shoppers!please be aware!

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Jul 31, 2013 4:47 am EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I fully agree with point number (3). They are never satisfied with whatever information you gather and provide.
1.While answering the otherwise lengthy questionnaire, you would have umpteen number of questions popping after answering a particular question. The filing of the report is a never ending process for the kind of minimal payment provided for that assignment.
2. The staff in the company are in and out, I mean they keep changing. I have worked under almost three heads.
3. The editors are hardly aware of the guidelines or the kind of content expected of a Mystery shopper. They expect answers which are on their mind whereas the shopper can answer only what was observed without bias.
4. They expect lengthy detailed answers for every question. When there was no such happening, how could the shopper cook information to provide and meet the editors/managers unreasonable request for a detailed information. If you do not provide the expected details on their minds, the shopper gets victimised for no fault of theirs with poor ratings.
5. The Mangers can stoop to any level by pleading in order to get their work completed on time even in the last minute. I have helped them number of times by agreeing to do the last minute assignments. But the Managers fail to acknowledge the work with gratitude.
6. They promise referral bonus for every assignment completed by your referrals, but it is seldom paid.
7. If you raised their indifferent attitude/matter to any senior, you are axed for good with no reason provided, by deactivating your account without information.
8. The best way to curb this step motherly attitude of the staff of the company, there should be Mystery audits for these staff first.

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4:28 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Bare International - non-pmt for work-lost?

Worked mystery shops for this company in September, 2011. Drove 2 hrs round trip and completed 2 shops in same city (this made it reasonable by doing 2 a day)-they do not pay gas/mileage. I had to spend over $40.00 of my own money to earn another $35.00 for completing the visits. My rating was 7 for one and 8 for another, enough to be paid. They mailed (I guess) my check in October, 2011. Ck not here.
When I questioned my paycheck; I was told that I had to pay $30. stop pay and it would be replaced or wait 6 months and it would also replaced at no charge. I elected to wait 6 months. They already owed me for personal monies spent $40 plus. They only replace my $ spent and interest no anything else

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1 comment
Sep 19, 2018 5:10 pm EDT

I work for many different mystery shopping companies. None, none require the detailed personal banking information that bare does. For this reason and because I am very uncomfortable disclosing this personal information to this company, I refuse to become associated with them as a mystery shopper.

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