VirVenturesvirventures fenton bed

I ordered this bed on Houzz to have in time for holiday guests. My Amex was charged and Vir Ventures indicated that the bed had been shipped and was due to arrive by November 22. That time came and went and no bed. When I tried to track the shipment, there was no tracking number provided and VirVentures did not answer the phone. Finally, after many e-mails, they refunded our money, saying they were having problems with their shipper. No apology, no offer to make it right -- just 'too bad.' That lack of service and customer care is outrageous. I am sure that had I not contacted VirVentures, they would not have bothered to let me know the bed was not coming. Houzz is lowering its standards by being involved with this company.

Dec 10, 2018

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