VirVentures / deceitful advertisement

Richmond, TX, United States
Contact information:

Purchase Date: Jan 9th 2017
Delivered: Jan 12th 2017
Product returned: Jan 17th
Delivered to Vendor: Jan 20th
Vir Venture sent email requesting for package tracking number: Jan 31st 2017
I thought I was purchasing an office chair at least that what the picture item number and description read, after I entered my payment information and checked out I ended up with a folding table!! That was false advertisement to begin and deceitful in so many levels. I called to cancel with sears and they couldn’t help me they said I purchased it on their website but with a third party vendor they gave me Vir Ventures contact information. I attempted to reach Vir Ventures no one ever answers the phone I called on a Sunday someone finally answers, a man, only to tell me that they are closed!!! I cancelled this order immediately after the transaction had gone through and they still shipped it to me I sent it back for a refund they received the package a week ago according to the tracking and I am getting an email from Vir Ventures asking for a tracking number to assist me with a refund. So pretty much they posted a deceitful item for sale even sears confirmed it was a chair when they looked up the product but when you check out its a table and they want to play with your time and money. I still don't have a refund yet they have their table back. Don’t buy these guys you can can never reach customer service and it’s annoying and freaking mess.

Jan 31, 2017

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