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I've been a customer of Virgin Mobile for almost two years now, however that will not continue.
In December of 2014 I paid my bill and a month later I received a text message saying I have used all my data now my speed will slow. This was odd so I gave customer service a call.

The young lady, with customer service, apologized and informed me that this was an issue on their end and said she would restart my data plan and escalate the issue.

The next I received a text message with the same message so I called again and the lady I spoke with said that the lady I spoke to the day prior did not restart my data plan, however she would take care of it. Two days later I receive the same message so I call again, because my data usage has been the same as it was during the almost two years of the service and I have never ran out. I speak to the man and explain it all over again. He states that there is nothing he can do since I have used all of my data. I start to get frustrated because of course he did not listen to a word I said.
He then states that he cannot restart my plan and suggests that I switch cell phone providers. I was also told that my data usage was because I decided to buy a 4G cell phone instead of a regular 3G cell phone. (REALLY)

Fast Forward to January.

I intended to switch cell phone providers, however I did not have enough money to buy a new cell. I pay my bill at 11am on January 12th and on January 13th I get a message stating that I have used up all of my data. I call and the manager I speak with said she was going to restart my service and of course she did not, so when I called back to let them know that my service was still slow the man I speak with tells me that he has no record of my call from the previous day and tells me that since I have used up all of my data that I would need to pay for a new month of service.

I can't deal with this place and their horrible customer service anymore. I would rather be without a phone. They make me wish only land lines existed.

Jan 14, 2015

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