Virgin Mobilecomplaint

My fiancé is looking to upgrade her phone as her contract is now up for renewal. She has been speaking to your staff from the Menlyn branch as well as the call center.
She has been told that there are no handsets available for her to do the upgrade. I told her that this is nearly impossible as all the other retailers have received the phone she wants as well as Vodacom Celtis Ridge S/S as my friend upgraded to the same phone my fiancé needed.
Now I am not sure how to go about dealing with this. I also called on her behalf and the info given to me was the same. One lady told me that it was unclear whether or not Virgin will continue. That too we would like to know as it will influence ouyr decision to continue with the brand.
None of the people from the call center could tell me when we could expect the phones as they topo where kept in the dark. I called your head office. The receptionist just sent me back to the call center and said I needed to speak to them as she too was unsure how to deal with my query
She gave me two names of managers I needed to contact, Collin and Kenneth.
When I called the call center again trying to get to either one of the two people that was suggested to me I was screened by the call center agent. This they seemed to be extremely good at and had all the answered as to why I cannot be transferred. After having to explain it all again to another person I was placed on hold – 2 min.
The lady returned saying that all managers where in a meeting. That was approximately 13:50 today the 2nd of May (Just in case this in not seen today)
So now we feel pretty much done in as customer of Virgin because not only are we unable to upgrade we are concerned that there is no more growth of infrastructure, consumer service has obviously been effected due to poor communication ext.
What should we do? I hope this reaches a member of management as the general employees cannot give feedback.

May 02, 2017

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