Virgin Mobile / 7 day guarantee phone return

United States

Order number EK-VBPP-[protected]
On Tuesday April 25, I received the phone that I ordered online 7 days before. On that day I decided not to keep the phone. OK, how does one return a phone to Virgin. I found out it is nearly impossible. You have one phone number to contact you. It only works if you already have a Virgin number or account. I am not nor will I ever be a Virgin customer.

It took me two days to get someone on the phone to ask for a return merchandise authorization. The first person with whom I spoke said that a RMA is included with every phone. That was a lie. After 4 more abortive attempts and several hang ups by Virgin, I spoke with a rude woman who told me I would have to pay to ship the phone back but she did not want to give me an address. She finally gave me the address for Ingram in Indiana.
I paid 14.80 to ship the phone.

I was so upset by these lies and lack of customer service that I finally figured out how to leave a complaint. Your "Customer Care" is anything but and is extremely opposition and confusing.
When I complained that I was told by one of your customer service representatives, that a return merchandise shipping order was included with the phone,
Jorge M., said:
"Upon reviewing the information that you sent, we have escalated this
issue to a higher department since the return merchandise authorization
number should have been created before the package was sent, we
understand that you try to follow the proper procedures, however, you
were met with limitations from our end."
The request has been escalated, and if it is approved, it may take 7-14
business days for a refund to be processed, you may get in touch with us
within the next 72 hours to get an update on the request that has been
made. "

On 4/28/17 Raul G said, "please reply to this e-mail with the order number so we can create a return number for you. The order number is composed of 6 letters and 7 to 9 digits, when ordering online the order number starts
with EK and is marked as invoice number in the FedEx package."

Too late, by that time, I had gotten through your maze, figured out where to send it and returned it .

Since those emails, various "Customer Care" associates have informed me that they were "happy to assist me but then said I was responsible for shipping and further, I only had 7 days from the date of purchase to return the phone for a refund! It took 7 days to get to me!!

The following is copied from your website. It DOES Not say 7 days from
"7-Day Guarantee
Whatever the reason, if you bought a phone from us online, you can
return it for a full refund within 7 days. Make sure you have the
original receipt and packaging."

These are some of the Customer "eCare "team members who said totally contradictory things and failed to help:
Cuautemoc B
Raul G
Jenifer M
Venus Q

I returned the phone. I know it was received in Ingram on May 1. I want to be reimbursed for postage $14.80 and the money refunded for the phone. I used to have a favorable impression of the Virgin brand but no longer since this has been an outrage and a nightmare.

May 10, 2017

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