VIP Readers Service / magazines ordered are incorrect

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In February 2018, I got a call regarding a magazine subscription. I wanted the Star magazine, I have cognitive problems and like the crossword in the Star
I was immediately charged 39.90 and had to pick additional magazines. I received a letter from VIP that the publisher won't let me subscribe to Star because I already do. I have never had one. They reinstated it. I was charged another 39.90, having not received any magazines. The variety puzzles were too hard so I changed to OK magazine. I got People magazine which my sister who lives with me already gets. They sent me easier variety puzzles., not requested, which are too difficult for my brain condition. I have been getting nasty calls. I will never receive Star, it is no longer available. I have paid $120 for 14 magazines, almost 9 apiece. They said I keep paying and the issues will continue after 48 months. I may be dead by then. I am on disability and was scammed. I have good credit and shouldn't get to collections. I did not get what I ordered. They also can cancel a magazine at will. HELP

Aug 21, 2018

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