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Vincent Watches Jurong Point Branch / The staff spoiled my watch

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Yasterday evening i took my Guess watch for replacement of battery at vincent Watches jurong point.
The lady in question said $12 dollars and i agreed. the misery started once she started with the replacement.she started hammering my watch from all the sides. I got a bit apprehensive and asked her why she was hitting it so hard. This woman told me that she knows what she is doing. Now i saw her hammering it more and even pulling the watch with both her hands. I immediately asked her to stop, and she was like "ok la, if you do not want me to try its fine." I took the Watch from her and saw that she had hammered on all the sides and actually caused dents and scratches all over the watch. I asked how could she do such a thing and the woman shamelessly told me she was trying to open it with all the hammering(did not even apologize).this woman actually even hammered the strap. i demanded that i want to speak to the owner and she flatly lied that she was the owner.I could not handle my anger as in someone just hammered and dented my watch rite in front of my eyes. I wish to speak to the owner and let the person know the negligence of his staff. can anyone help me how to go about it?

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  • Re
      24th of May, 2011
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    thank you, hope to get some solution soon. I checked online and all the sites seem to redirect me to the store address and phone number.

  • Ta
      4th of Jul, 2011
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    I brought my watch to get the back battery cover closed on 3 July 2011 to get it close shut after it dropped out. One middle-aged lady(short hair) tried to chase me away as I'm working part time at a watch pushcart. Am I not a customer? She even insinuated that I won't be able to afford to repay any lost watches or customers.

  • Ta
      4th of Jul, 2011
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    Vincent Watch - Bad attitude and service
    Vincent watch
    boon lay

    I brought a watch to vincent watch at jurong point for servicing. The back cover for the battery came off. I stood there waiting silently for 10 minutes. One middle-aged lady came to chase me off and even insinuate that I won't be able to pay for the lost watches or customers due to my disruption. I think it's due to me working part time at a watch pushcart. Am I not a customer as well? Beware! One complaint I saw in this website was on a battery replacement and a damaged watch(guess watch)

  • Sa
      13th of Apr, 2012
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    I can't agree more! They damaged my Tag Heuer watch when I brought it over to them for changing batteries :( I've done up a complaint letter and I'm going to start sending it everywhere! I've copied the link to your complaint in this website and will be sharing it with everyone as well!

    Here's the link to my complaint about them:

  • De
      20th of Jul, 2012
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    I had bad experience too at Vincent Watch Juroing Point. That time I changed battery for my remote gate. A guy attended to my change. Damned rude when I ask a question. But you are lucky to be having your watch battery changed right in front of you when you can stop what you don't want to happen. I had a worst experience at TIME CLUB, just a few steps away from Vincent Watch. This shop manned by few mandarin speaking women, charges $12 per battery change. I wanted to change battery as the analog hands stop during the date switch at 11pm. My watch was brought inside, a small back room. I can see the woman but too far to see what happened. She worked on my watch, then came out and showed me that my rubber gasket worn off - I thought it was impossible - a seal that was there just 3 years - other watch I wear over 10 years never had this issue and moreover non moving part. She did not suggest to replace it but said she would put it back properly. I took the watch home and found out it stop at 11pm again. Did not have time to go back to shop immediately, went back a week later. Shop attendant said my watch was faulty. I thought she did not actually changed the battery. I said I want a refund if i go to another shop and change and does not stop at 11pm. She said no refund even that - the change is not garanteed she said. I went to another shop and it was confirmed - the watch works all day. REMEMBER the shop name "T I M E C L U B".

  • De
      20th of Jul, 2012
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    AVOID TIME CLUB too !!!
    The "show you the worn rubber seal" was an act to show me that she did open the watch cover - She might not have opened the watch, let alone changed my watch battery for a new one.

  • Ic
      14th of Feb, 2013
    -1 Votes

    Purchased a watch recently from them and had experienced problems with it less than a month. Hence I brought back to the shop asking for assistance for a check, Not a Change. However, the Bespectacled lady whom I reckoned to be the boss/supervisor kicked up a big fuss, claiming that it's not their concern & that the watch ought to be brought back to their agents for checks instead. IF not to pay the change of battery.

    I find that unreasonable as it’s a newly bought watch, the battery life is normally about a year or longer.
    All I asked was to check if the fault lies with the battery or the mechanism, why kick up a big fuss?

    The other sales at the shop carried an equally bad service attitude.
    Before the deal was closed, all was agreeable. We were told if we had any issues with the watch, feel free to bring it back. yet this was how I was treated.

    The nastiness of the sales had seriously turned me & I dun suggest buying from such 2 faced dealers.

  • Al
      19th of Mar, 2013
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    Just went there to change battery for my wife watch tonite, I paid $20 for it. My wife said not to go Vincent watch again, never believe a battery to cost so much, used to be only $8/-.

  • Md
      16th of Jan, 2017
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    Went to the Causeway Point outlet.the salesman was so bloody arrogant.i asked about the mudmaster g shock and he is like not interested.he is more interested in his phone calls.anyway they are asking for $950 for the watch and I told my self they don't deserve my money with such crap attitudes.Basically this bloke was like See me no up!
    I bought the mudmaster from another shop nearby much cheaper and I ordered another one of a different Colour from Lazada when I returned home.
    Suggest You guys keep away from this snobs!
    Shop at Lazada for great prices!anyway I don't have anything to do with Lazada's just my frank opinion.

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