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I’m going to explain my case briefly: we are honest and dissent people and we stupidly believed israel curi, assistant manager and salesman at villa del palmar in nuevo vallarta was also like us. Sadly and unfortunately we learned he is not. In our efforts to complaint to uvs; we have emailed every single villa del palmar email address we have found in the net ([protected]@villadelpalmar - [protected], [protected]@prodigy. Net. Mx, [protected], [protected] asking for assistance, up date none of them have answered but the sales man israel curi ([protected] of course he has not helped us at all) . Villa del palmar and israel curi are big scammers. Do not buy from them

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  • Ts
      Jul 16, 2010

    as far asi i know israel curi has been trying to reach you he left many messages asking you for the best time to call yo to assist you in anything you need. You should contact him before posting all this negative comments.

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  • Ti
      Jul 19, 2010

    Why would I bother to engage in a verbal conversation with such a scammer? I am pretty sure that he would lie to me again and he would make fake promises. I asked him for an email address for the customer service department but he has not provided it, WHAT IS HE AFRAID OF?

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  • De
      Jul 19, 2010

    Dear Member, I see that you are trying to reach out to someone that may be able to help. I am the Developer's Representative for the Villa Group and as such, work with member to ensure that most all of their issues are met. you will see from various other postings on this site that I help resolve 95% of the issues that are brought to my attention. Unfortunately, we are in the process of changing providers for a US line that begins with a 619 Area Code, however, I am always available at the international number 011-52-322-224-8365.


    Developer Representative
    Villa Group

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  • Mi
      Jul 31, 2010

    "We have been members with the Villa Group for 5 years. We have the Gold Membership. We recently upgraded to their Villa Preferred Access membership and were very happy with our decision. Months later, we brought issues to the attention of the Developer's Rep which needed to be addressed. He listened to our issues, proposed a proper solution for both parties and we still remain very happy members with the Villa Group. Despite some of the comments on this site, I believe the Villa Group will genuinely make things right given the situation...we are living proof."

    Joy and Greg
    Villa Group Members Since 2005

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  • Ju
      Jul 31, 2010

    LIARS !!!

    Hidding yourself in a fraudulent contract, there is no investment and there is no rental income, this is just a VAC ATION PROGRAM. All those who says that they are happy by using their memberships are LAIRS, TS promoters, TS closers, TS liners, OPC that live from the timeshare scam, stop defrauding honest people.
    You do not need to sign a contract and have wonderful vacations, anyone by researching on the web has cheaper vacations. The person who posted this review is not lying, the rest are lying.
    Taking advantage from honest people is not a job neither a life, I invite Villa Group to make business in a diferent country than Mexico, its business will be stopped right away and many people would be in jail for the charge of unethical, fraudulent practices and misrepresentations.

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  • Ti
      Aug 19, 2010

    Dear Members, my issue related to the Villa Group documented above has been resolved to my 100% satisfaction. Over the last few weeks, I have spoke with Joshua Garcia the Developer’s Representative (he is friendly, polite and comprehensive person) in Puerto Vallarta about our unfortunate issue. We were skeptical about his intentions but quickly learned that he was there to assist with our situation. The Villa Group was completely fair, honest and extremely proactive in our discussions. Despite some of the comments on this website, I truly believe the Villa Group has the best interest of their members in mind and feel we can now return to Mexico and enjoy it as we remember.

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  • St
      Dec 01, 2012

    I attended a timeshare sales purchase this last October 2012 at Villa Del Palmar and purchased at Villa De Arco. The following day after the purchase I read the contract again and started to have second thoughts regarding turning in my timeshare I owned free an clear in Palm Springs and the idea of being committed for thirty years to maintenance fees at the age of 53. I returned to the sales room and spoke with I believe Carlos about the "Buyers Remorse" and from him kind of got the feeling that I would be sorry I did. I do like going to Cabo and staying at different resorts so I decided just to keep the purchase I made. After returning home to California I started to read up on Mexican time share laws and complaint from different buyers of Mexican Timeshares and realized that I was presented with the same lies. Basically fraud.
    I was told that if I took avantage of the "Buyers Remorse" I would forfet my down payment. If at the time I was considering backing out and was given truthful information by the sales people I would not be regreting my purchase today.
    Also while staying at Villa Del Palmar I spoke with many "Owners who had purchased at Villa de Arco and were told that they had owned for over five years and were Preferred Access owners and rarely had been able to get reservations. It would seem that Villa Group keeps on selling programs and in effect overselling the time available.
    A friend told me "the three lowest forms of sales people, 3 - Insurance 2 - Car 1 - Timeshare. This could not be more true. I should of read alot more and paid more attention. regarding buying timeshares in Mexico. I would sell mine even give it back. I DON'T LIKE TO BE LIED TO.

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  • Sc
      Mar 09, 2014

    We purchased (although I didn't want to I succumbed to my husband's want to purchase) the two days ago. I realize now after reading many complaints that my feelings were right and we were deceived and scammed as many others have been. There is a clause that you can cancel within five business days so we plan to do that. Has anyone had success with this? We're you able to get your despot back? How does it affect your "loan" (ie: promissory note)? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated as I would really like to get out while we can.

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