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ViewSonic - LCD monitor / Never trust the ViewSonic Rebate!

1 United States Review updated:

I bought ViewSonic LCD monitor at Fry's on 10/14/2006 and mailed the rebate form with all other required document to ViewSonic Rebate in White Bear Lake, MN on 10/16/2006. Checked their web site for rebate status and it always says rebate not found. Called them a few times and they always said it was not the system. It's been 8 weeks and it is still in the system as they claimed it should be. I called them on 12/4/2006 and they said it might be lost in the mail and asked me to mail the form to them again and wait another 8 weeks for processing!

Never trust the ViewSonic Rebate. I am filing complains on BBB.

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  • Jo
      20th of Jan, 2007
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    Almost the same problem with this place... Submitted the exact information they requested and they "invalidated" my request. I am thinking of taking some legal action as I made exact photocopies of what I submitted, and have evidence from USPS they received my "resubmission" 4 weeks ago...

  • Sa
      14th of Jan, 2008
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    USA's NO.1 Company (service in India : worst ).

    I purchased VG921M-4, Model No. VS11369, Serial No. QB9071900254 in the month of October 2007 for my customer.

    After few weeks he encountered a problem that the contrast/brightness menu doesn't goes and the control buttons didn't worked. So we called customer service number 1800 11 9999 to register complaint ( IDRM071100266) and requested them to give a call before visiting my place.

    14th Nov. 2007

    The engineer made visit on 14 th Nov. 2007 without informing, changed the VGA cable and took my wife's signature that the problem is solved. On returning home I discovered that the problem was still there. Your eng. is high qualified he don't know the difference between pending and "panding" (please check the first customer service report)

    So I made another complaint ( IDRM071100381)

    23rd Nov. 2007

    This time as well the eng. called just an hour before ( around 2pm ) hence I skipped my work and returned home.

    He discovered that the problem is with I.B. ( Interface Board ) so he took down the serial number and promised to come within 4 days to change it.

    Even after a week I didn't got any reply.

    So I called the service center +91 22 40497502 and they replied that they didn't received the part from Banglore.

    This continued for few weeks. Every time I called them and I got the same old reason. ( whenever I called, the operator ask other " Do we have something (parts)from VG921M." After listening to such conversation I think that it's a scrap yard not a service center.)

    Few weeks passed.

    25th Dec. 2007

    This time I talked to the Manager Mr. Bharat Kumar. And he promised me that he will send an engineer within 2 day and will inform before visit.

    31st Dec.2007

    I got a call from the engineer ( Mr. Abdul ) at 2:30pm that he will come in 1 hour.

    Again I had to skip my job. Before I reached my home he vanished by declaring that the part doesn't matched.

    2nd Jan. 2008

    After frustration for more than one and a half month I called the service center at 3:30pm but Manager didn't turn up. I warned the operator that if this continues I will mail "view sonic". After half an hour I received a call from service center ( oops, that's a first call ) with an excuse that " Sir, as there are 3 models in vg921m the I.B. which we received does not matches yours. The mistake is made by courier. So we promise that your problem will be solved in 2 days".

    10th January 2007 (today)

    Again I received a call "Sir there was a problem, but I will send the engineer on Saturday between 11:00 -12:00

    Expectations from "View Sonic"
    But the Truth

    The service center must inform customers a day earlier that a engineer will visit next day
    Either they will not inform or the engineer will inform around 2 pm that : I will visit in next 2 hours. ( so keep practice to skip your half day )

    The engineers are qualified technicians
    They don't know how to write "Pending" ( "PANDING" ).

    The engineer must have sound knowledge.
    First they will discover that the data cable is faulty, on second visit they will discover that I.B. ( interface Board ) is faulty.

    Manager must know status of all complaints so that in some delayed cases he must apologies.
    I had to inform him that my complaint is pending for a month.

    ( I am doubtful about manager's skills as well )

    If manager makes a promise he must see to it
    Now the manager is not attending my calls.

    View sonic must posses database of all its costumers so that if some delay occurs they will interfere.
    In my case its NOT.

    It took 1 hour to give all these details. With this I am sending you 2 scanned customer service reports. Do check them out and see the qualification of technicians representing "view sonic".

    After going through all such trauma my conclusions are as follows.

    View Sonic might be USA's number 1 company but in India its number 1 worst company in providing service.

    I will never purchase any view sonic product and see to it that none of my friend purchases.

    I don't want any apology. But want a strict action ( don't give a useless warning ) against the manger of RT outsourcing Mumbai as he is responsible for all this.

    I will file a complaint in consumer court.
    Thanks for reading.

  • Ka
      10th of Mar, 2008
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    MY SERIEL NO :- QC4064101815
    OCT 6




  • Da
      1st of Jul, 2008
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    I bouight a 28 inch Viewsonic monitor, took it home, hooked it up per instructions, loaded the cd that came with the unit per instructions. Screen came up in chinese and would not change to english, plus the CD corrupted my optical drive on my HP, took my computer and scren back to Fry's tech department, they said the CD did in fact corrupt my optical drive and they had to fix and recover my files on my computer because of this view sonic problem with the cd. They also gave me a new Viewsonic monitor. They told me that they have many many problems with all of View sonics monitors and are considering not selling anymore view sonics.

    I wrote to James Chu who is the COB of viewsonic and he never answered my letter, plus when my rebate check for $500.00 arrived it was only for $47.50, not the stated amount from them. Tis chinese guy making all this money in the USA needs to be bought in front of the federal goverment for mis representaion of these products! Never ever trust a chinese, poor business acumen and just to shifty!

  • Ra
      10th of Oct, 2008
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    i have been buyed aa new view sonic lcd monitor ...and it suddenly gave me a troble...and i have buyed in last 8 months only...and dey have gaven me five (5)yrs warrenty...and i have been contact with them but dey have no response from plezz...give me aa srevice centre mobil no...or any thng which i can contact immediatly...

    and i have been leaving in hyderabad...dsnr...

    my mobil no is 9966959837

  • Ma
      3rd of Nov, 2008
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    Hi sir,

    Recently we are purchased the view sonic monitors, unable to we got display problem please ASAP solve the problem and unable to work the customer service tool free number not working which you mentioned in your web site number as(1800119999) .

    This is my communication address :

    i-Vista SysSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
    contact number:040-40203550, 51, 52.


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