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I started an online chat 1-13-16 and Bianca signs on. My subject question is: I want to see about having my order re-shipped. So, I type in my order number, customer number and order date so that she can pull up my information so see why I need it re-shipped. Firstly, she typed my name with lower case letters and secondly, she types "Bianca: why do you need it resent ?" So, I type back in all lower case letters because I am annoyed with her lack of proper punctuation and the tone of her typing, " it wasn't delivered to me". Then, I send her the tracking information. Thirdly, she has the gall to type, "Bianca: you didnt get it and you did not need to do that I can track it on my end
rita: that's why i sent you my info in the first place
rita: so that you could track it on your end to see that it wasn't delivered to me
Bianca: Ok looks like the package is on its way back to us and it will be refunded to you when we receive it "
I told her to have her supervisor call me, which I am sure that she won't. She also said that she is the only Bianca in customer service online. I am so annoyed with her. While I was online with her I called into customer service and they took care of everything for me. I am also emailing customer service to complain about her. Once I told her that I was complaining about her service she changed her tone, but too late.

Jan 13, 2017

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