Victoria's Secretfinancial hardship not honored!

When I contacted Victoria's Secrets to try to get my payments lowered an be able to stop getting late fee payments added to my account, I had explained to the young lady that my income was SSD an that I wanted to pay them, but the late fees kept adding up an my payments still weren't getting my bull down.
She explained to me about the Financial Hardship she could get me into. She explained that if I could make 3 payments totaling $75, then the rest of the amount owed would be wiped clean an the card would be unusable.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Columbus, OH
This was great news for me, seems that I could make the agreement happen with the Hardship in place.

I did as I was support to, an made a total if $75 payment in 2 bills.
This should have closed my account. However, I checked my credit report a see that they have not cleared my account under the Financial Hardship an I want to have them honor their agreement with me.
Due to bring low income an Hardship I would like this to be done with.
However, at this point the only thing that I can offer is that they honor it.
I ask that they clear the credit marks in my reports an add its satisfied.

Dec 05, 2018

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