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In September 2018 I bought a buy 1 get 1 free bra for my daughter. At the counter the sales associate asked if I would like to open an account to get a discount. I agreed but I thought I already had an account and since I virtually never shop I didn't i knowif I had cancelled my account. As it turned out I did and did not have my card with me. I felt the associate was pushy about using my card by liking it up with my phone number. Jump forward 2 months...I start getting texts from Comenity Bank regarding my account of which I was being told I was behind on my payments. However, we never received any billing statements in the mail. I spoke with a billing agent who informed me that my bill which was $87.74 for the merchandise had escalated to $152.00 due to late fees and on top of that finance charges which I have not heard of before because I am never late on payments. I asked for them to please waive the late fees and explained we had not received the statements to no avail. I was told they have a tracking system and that they were delivered to my address.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Dunedin, Florida, FL I again asked them to please waive the late and finances fees to no avail. I then explained our family is experiencing a financial hardship due to my mother dying and having to fly 5 people as she was out of state and gaining custody of my 2 grand daughters both happening in October. As a result of this happening I had to quit my job as I could not keep up with work due to what was going on in my family life. The billing is cold and in caring and will be turning me into collections over late fees and finance charges occurring over 2 months which amount to $64.26 over half of the price of the original merchandise.
The next associate I spoke with said the best she could do was take off $15.00. She finally agreed to deduct $32.00. INow they are adding late fees and finance charges on top of late fees and finance charges though I paid the $87.74, the original balance. I will never again shop at this store. I am still unemployed due to a high needs grand daughter and at this time cannot pay the late fees and I really feel that since I have never been late on a payment they should waive the fees as a one time courtesy. I think their customer service is horrible and heartless.

Nov 28, 2018

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