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Victoria Secret / lingerie being advertised on hgtv

1 Canada

I love HGTV! My husband added it to our list of channels we subscribe to last year because I've been begging for years. I used to only get to watch it every time we went away and the hotel had your channel, and I would sit glued to the shows all night. There honestly isn't a show you air that I don't love watching. My kids share this love with me, and your channel has become a family favorite. Recently, I've been noticing more risqué commercials, which I don't understand and have commented to my husband how inappropriate they seem. Last night, December 5th, around 8 p.m., I was watching Flip or Flop Atlanta with my 11 year old daughter and 8 year old son when a very inappropriate Victoria Secret commercial came on. The beautiful models were dressed in lingerie, and the camera was zooming in and out on various body parts and different girls while the models were moving provocatively. I didn't finish watching the remainder of the commercial as we shut off the TV. This is an r-rated, pornographic, adult commercial on a g-rated, family channel. If you choose to continue running advertisements such as these, you will lose viewership. I definitely will be cancelling, and my family will no longer be watching these shows because the advertising is selected in poor taste and lack of caring about viewers. Even if my children were not with me, the advertisement made me feel uncomfortable and isn't something I am interested in, especially when dreaming about flipping a house myself. New tools or decor advertisements would seem more appropriate and matched to your audience.

I couldn't believe this Victoria Secret commercial is allowed on TV at all, let alone at this time of day on a channel that I allow my children to watch. Advertisements should be rated and only played with similar rating TV material. This is not an applicable advertisement or something most people watching HGTV are interested in. Please consider no longer airing pornographic commercials on your channel, or at least wait until after 11 p.m. if you insist on the lucrative advertising money that companies like Victoria Secret I'm sure are willing to pay. Please know this is not Victoria Secret's target audience and that most of your consumers aren't interested.

Thnaks for your time. I hope I can continue to love your TV channel.

Dec 6, 2018

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