Victoria Secret / lack of employees - missing reward card

I have been shopping at Victoria's Secret for 20 yrs and this is the second time this has happend, firast time I did not complain but this seems to be a pattern and wonder how many customers are not given their reward cards at checkk out.
I was at the Victoria Secret in Burr Ridge IL on 11/15, there was a lack of personnel, no one around to ask a question, at the check out I was not given my $20 card as stated for a $40 purchase. I saw the cashier with the card in her hand and I assumed she placed it in the bag and as I arrived home and removed the items from the bag it was not there and was unable to call the store to inquire about this because the store was already closed.
This is really unacceptable as I will need to call the store to inquire and I am sure will be told there is nothing they can do / and or will have to take time out to drive out to pick up when it should have been given to me in the first place.
I would like my reward card mailed to me

Nov 15, 2017

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