Viator / balkan horse riding - glozhene monastery ride

Sofia, BG

Evening, I booked the Balkan Horse Riding - Glozhene Monastery Ride tour in Bulgaria for 2 Adults. The tour states you Discover peace villages including Golyam Izvor, Glozhene and Teteven and have about an hour visiting the monastery, where you will have lunch. None of this happened on our tour. I paid £167 and did not get anything like this for the amount of money. Firstly, the tour pick up time changed at 0001 passed midnight to day of the tour, this was very unorganised. The pick up was then 30 minutes late and was one guy in what looked like his own vehicle was a very scruffy old car, I must add we were two young females so this was rather odd putting, no ID was shown! The driver did however speak English. He drove us to a random petrol station we're we met a further 2 males again no introduction, they did not speak a work of English, again you can image to females we were getting worried. Our driver then followed these to males, he did not have a clue were he was going - for an organised tour I thought this was strange! They then drove us to a side of a road - not from the village of Golyam Izvor like stayed. There was two horses ride up to the side of the road and another young horse just roaming - which bit one of us. They then started to pull saddles out of the boot of there car - there was no shelter toilets etc - litually was the side of the road - when asked if we had ridden before by our driver as the two other males didn't speak any English - we stated I hadn't and they didn't not give me anyway direction on how to ride one the English speaking driver then left and said will pick us up later - gave me his number if we wanted to talk to our guide. So we were left by side road with no direction how to ride a horse with no one who spoke English - the weather was bad so it seemed like we had just been left to our own devices and no tour guide! We were not offered any helmets or safety equipment not told how to ride the horse and just made to follow this non English speaking man who walked. The young horse previously spoken about followed us and kept biting or running passed our horse - making ours miss behave and run - this for me was very scary as one I had never ridden two, again I had no direction on how to stop if it did and three, the man seemed to have no control over the horses - he was one male to look after 3 horses and 2 people. We litually road straight to the monastery no information about what was about - no stops through the villages stated in the description (above). Once we arrived at the monastery - it was abandon we were starving and we had no options for lunch as again stated. We got offered a really small cup of luke warm tea. And as the weather was freezing we were so cold and wet. It snowed the whole trip. So we had been on the trip for 4 and half hours so far with no food and one cup tea. We then rode straight back again no info or stops my horse became that unruling that for last half hour the guild had to hold his rains. Which left the little one causing havoc. The condition we're really bad for the horses they were slipping all over the place - in my opinion it was very dangerous especially without helmets and as it states it's for all ages and abilities I would strongly disagree. I would not take a kid on this trip it is unsafe with no English speaker or safety brief or any direction on how to control your horse. We then got back to the side of the road we started at where we dropped the horses off and the English speaking driver was waiting. We got back in the car - at this point we had not eaten for 6 odd hours. The driver asked us if we wanted to stop for hot soup which we were very happy about as we were frozen. We drove to a restaurant in a near by town which when we arrived had no soup so again we had no food. We then made our way back to Sofia at which point our driver got lost on the way back - he had to ask for directions on a number of occasions. This seemed so unorganised and like he had never done this tour before. Again this was no where near value for the money I paid. This was a birthday present and seemed more like a shambles and we did not experience all the things advertised - this is either false advertising or we did not receive a proper tour. I would like my money back as what is advertised is not what I received.
Regards Ellen

Nov 29, 2017

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