Viagogo / tickets to robert plant concert 20.11

Switzerland, GB


Pursuant to our many conversations,
(Number [protected], Guy Garbi, [protected]

Before two months ago I bought two tickets for Robert planet concert at Wolverhampton at the 20.11.
I gave you the addres of the hotel to send me the tickets. At saturday the tickets sent the hotel without name about the package!!! Because of that the hotel refused to get the tickets, sinc than looking for this tickets about three days! We send to Royal mail, we went Post Office, we wait at the reception five hours about your calling!!! (after I talked with you about 10 times at the phone and told you about this case). And finally you didn't give me a solution and told me you give me back the money!!! I rented a car to arrive wolverhamton, I ordered nights at wolverhampton and at Birmingam only for this concert!!! I drove about 4 hours from London with hope someone can help me, but it didn't happend, because your falt!!! I invited all this vication because this concert, and you destroyed all of my viation!!!
I understand you will give me back the. money about the concert, but it is not enough for me!!!

I want all my money about this vication back!!! I rented a car only for the concert (that cost a lot of money!!!) I invited hotels at the area of the concert (that cost a lot of money!!!) I spent three days by looking for this tickets!!!

I paid a lot of money and I want all my money back! (and not only about the tickets!!!)

Bar David.


Nov 29, 2017

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