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I have writen to both - Viagogo and the Forestry Commission about Order no ID 8821833

We have attended many concerts at Delamere and loved them - we were very excited about the Elbow concert when it was announced. I was working on the morning of the 19th Jan 17 when the tickets sale was launched (at 9am) so my husband logged to buy tickets on via the 'forest live' newsletter link, that I sent him. He then contacted me, excited, to say 'I got the last 4 tickets'! There was a counting down indicator of the tickets going fast.

We feel totally mislead - somehow we were redirected to Viagogo and purchased 4 tickets. We have just received the tickets and the
face value printed on them is £41.50 each. They actually cost us £104.37 each.

This is a DISGUSTING, misleading, rip off - The Forestry Commission and Elbow must make very little on these tickets and Viagogo make over £60 per ticket.

We are very disappointed as this should have been a special, wonderful night which is what I'm sure Elbow and the Forestry Commission had in mind. We will not be buying tickets again in the future.

May 11, 2017

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