Viagogoonline ticket sales

D Nov 21, 2017

Viagogo are no more than on line ticket touts, I logged on to the site looking for Peter Kay tickets for next September and was informed that there were still a FEW tickets remaining and that I had less than four minutes to complete a transaction, they offered two £61.00. tickets for what initially looked like a fair price and with the countdown clock ticking I rushed through the transaction only to face a final bill of £330.00. which I find outrageous . At no time was I allowed to see the contents of my shopping basket, so I had no chance of stopping the order from going through. They offered to buy them back for a insultingly small amount which I declined, also I have recently checked out their site for Peter Kay tickets and guess what ? they still have a FEW available . There really should be a law against this sort of outfit.

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