Viagogo / failure to deliver tickets

London, England, Greater London, United Kingdom

Today I was suppose to be attending a blink 182 concert in Frankfurt, Germany. Five weeks ago I received an email from viagogo that my tickets had been delivered to my provided address but every time I went to check, the tickets weren't there. I eventually looked up the tracking number and found out that UPS was unable to deliver to my address. When I contacted UPS, I was told that tickets were returned to Viagogo. When I tried to call Viagogo, I got an automatic reply stating my event wasn't within 72 hours so I couldn't talk to an actual person. My event was on a Monday so I called the Friday before. The lady I spoke with told me I was not entitled to a refund because I used an "incorrect address" which was my APO address because I am military overseas. I don't understand how I was never told to use an APO and Viagogo was tracking my deliver had been made, but once they found out there was a mistake in the delivery, it was suddenly my fault. However, the lady told me she would attempt to track my tickets...which never happened but she never called back or emailed me. I called again, reached the same operator that went by Denice and was told there was no higher supervisor I could talk to and essentially nothing I could do about not receiving my tickets. I tried once more the morning of my event, and again was blamed for not providing the proper address, which was my only address because of where I am stationed. Now I am out 150 Euro and have been told it's basically my fault, even though I never read anywhere, that I couldn't use my provided address. In addition, I was told to contact them sooner even though I sent several emails that never received a response or I got sent in circles and no one would speak with me on the phone until 72 hours prior to my event. I talked to three operators in total and none of them had a supervisor or manager I could speak with. This looks like a complete scam, definitely doesn't support the military and clearly has poor procedures and processes. UPS was blaming Viagogo and Viagogo blamed me. This is by far the worst customer service I have ever received. If I can't go to an event I paid for, then I at least expect a refund. I am going to make higher complaints to ensure this doesn't happen to other people. I can't believe a company is allowed to operate like this and I can see a lot of other people have been having the same issues.

Jun 12, 2017

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