Viagogo / astronomical ticket price markup without customer being aware

Leeds, England, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Booked the vamps leeds o2 academy 3/3/17 7pm four tickets.My daughter ran in saying last ten tickets available and I quickly booked four of them.My daughter was adamant that these were really good seats at the front so although I had originally agreed they could go as it was only twenty pounds felt didnt mind paying the extra for good seats.However when I looked at the email receipt and realised how much I had actually paid I had paid 215 pounds to viagogo how when tickets were 36 each.??Also ive just downloaded them and the tickets are not for seats as we were advised but for standing face value 16 .50!!! Whilst yes I paid this so you may have the attitude its tough..Im sorry but with such a huge mark up a customer needs to be clearly aware of this and have several options of reviewing so this cannot happen.I paid over the odds to get seats and the least I expect is seats-goods as described Trade Descriptions.Please advise what can be done as viagogo just have the 'its tough' attitude with no mention of looking at finding seats etc. let alone refunding the some of the one hundred and thirty five pounds extra I have inadvertently paid. booking id [protected]

Jun 27, 2017

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