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This is a complain regarding the Kpop show aired in India on Saturday at 8pm.

The songs played are always repeated.

BTS the biggest boy band does not only have 2 songs, 'Idol' and 'Waste it on me.' They have a lot of songs such as Fake love, DNA, Blood, sweat and tears, Run, I need u, Fire, Dope, No more dream, Boy in luv, N.O, Danger, War of Hormones, the entire album of AgustD, RM, JHope, Boy meets evil, Lie, Euphoria, Serendipity, Epiphany, Mic drop and many more.
Same goes with BLACKPINK they don't only have the song 'Boombarya' they have other songs like ddu du ddu, whistle, forever young, playing with fire.

I request you to please have a variety of songs played rather than just playing the same set album every week, it's bringing down your own goodwill.

I request immediate action to be taken.

Feb 6, 2019

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