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my car i had on finance on set 2017 from new was a zaferia 1.9 cdti
after three months things started to go wrong first the flywheel had to be replaced the the main manegement had to be
replaced, the 6 months later it broke down again so i called the aa again they towed it back to the garage again, the a month later the turbo went the fixed that the 6 months later the fly wheel went again they replaced that the week were going on holiday the turbo went again so the aa took it back again the garage fixed it again i got the car back on the thursday evening the day befor we went away my wif took the car ou on the friday morning to take the dog to a friend to look after when the radiator burst so it was towed back to the garage by the aa the garage said they put a hole in by accident when the put the turbo in the brought it back on the friday night .we set off on our holiday when we broke down in coventry i called the aa they took us all down to weymouth 12 ours it took them i phoned the garage and they started to panic the garage in weymouth told me that the car had 9 different faults im am not happy with the car and still pay out money on the car as the warranty is out the car is just a pile of junk and vauxhall have made no attemped to give a replacement car even though it has had major faults so why should i pay for it when it will keep breaking down because i cannot aford to pay for the expensive parts

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  • Al
      18th of Jul, 2010
    Vauxhall - engine needing replaced
    Scotland, Tayside
    United Kingdom

    I bought a corsa from arnold clark in dundee in 2017 . It was recalled twice in the first 2 years for engine problems. Since that everything has gone wrong with the car. Its had a new heater cooling system gear box broke suspension went water pump was the latest thing and the mechanic has told me I need a new engine the car cannot go down the street without the water bubbling up. I wrote to vauxhall amd they said because it is over 5 years old they cant do anything . If i new this before i would have taken it back long before now. Is there anything i can do to get this sorted.


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  • Mr
      25th of Feb, 2013

    sell you nice looking cars no better than an expensive heap of junk that makes you want to sell it twintop roof problems are definatly known about within vauxhalls thats why they were withdrawn

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