Vauxhall Astra / my vauxhall astra was on fire

United Kingdom

I gave my car for servicing on the morning of 15th October 2018 at the Vauxhall Eden Newbury dealership around 8:15 am and collected it back from the dealership around 6:40 pm with a peaceful mind that my car just got serviced and should be good as new.
I drove my car from the eden vauxhall dealership to my home which is roughly around a mile or little bit more .I reached my home and parked my car around 7 ish pm in my driveway/parking spot.To my surprise i heard my car alarm going off around 8:20 pm and when i rushed out to check i saw that my car was on fire and flames were rising upto the windscreen, the left hand side of bumper had melted down and the fire was catching up on tyres.It was scary sight with all people from neighbourhood gathered around just hoping that the fire should not reach the fuel tank .
Thankfully one of our neighbours called the fire brigade and they controlled the fire.

Bit of History -
SO we purchased the car in Jan 2017 from Eden Vauxhall Newbury and paid more for it thinking that car from a dealership is reliable and safe rather than buying from a local garage. The car got serviced last year in Dec from Eden Newbury and have never had a problem before.

We gave our car on 15th October 2018 morning for the yearly interim service and eden charged me £159 pounds for servicing only to find out that after few hours of getting the car back from dealership the car would set itself on fire.Surely there has been some problem in the way the servicing of the car was done.

When i confronted the service department about this they acted ignorant .
Never ever buy Vauxhall !!!

Oct 17, 2018

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