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Poor education, companies will not hire graduates

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I graduated from Vatterott College's Computer Systems & Network Technology Associates Degree Program about 6 months ago. Vatterott DID NOT live up to their promises. Their promotional literature stated that the classes would cover setting up and deploying a network (OOPS); it didn't. We didn't set up even one server. The enrollment counselor said the material taught was advanced and highly technical; it wasn't. I was told the instructors were experienced in the fields that they taught; they weren't. The student handbook said that each ten week course would consist of at least 60 hours of lecture time; they didn't. In fact most classes included less than 25 hours of lecture time. The instructors basically just gave assignments right out of the book and told us to read the chapter and do the review questions at the end of the chapter, while the instructors would sit there and browse the internet and talk about their day. I'm sorry, but I could have just bought the books and got the same education as everyone else. I was the only one in my class who took the CCNA exam, which I didn't even come close to passing, because the book was outdated and the practice software that was given to us, which I studied for over 2 months and passed every practice exam with a 98% or higher was no help at all. I guarantee no one else even took the exam after they saw my results and saw how hard I tried. I was also assured a job in the computer/networking field, but now the only thing that they can offer me is telemarketing or over the phone sales jobs which I could have done without the education. I would never even think of doing telemarketing, it's just not me. I would not want to spend my day dealing with people hanging up on me or cursing me out. I basically wasted $34,000 to be a telemarketer and their excuse is "you have to start somewhere", and they also keep pushing these mock interviews on me. I took 90 weeks of so-called Gen. Ed. classes which was all about making resumes and interviewing. I keep telling them that I have applied to every computer shop and computer related company in town yet I can't even get an interview so it's not my interview skills and I was even told by their Career Services that my resume was perfect. I don't think the companies around here even hire Vatterott graduates unless they were previously employed in the field. I can't even get a job at the local Dollar General or Carsons Nurseries due to my education. After 6 months I still have no job and I have to start paying my student loans by next month. For $34,000 this is all they can do for me? I feel completely ripped off. I am even thinking of restarting my education with a more reputable institution such as OTC or SMS. But the problem with that is that no colleges will accept Vatterott's quarter credit hours, so I would have to redo my entire education if I went that route. The bottom line is that Vatterott College cost twenty times more than the community college, and it wasn't even worth the time I spent in the program.
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A  31st of Jul, 2007 by    +2 Votes
_________This is an update to the above complaint.__________

I finally got a job at Cartridge World as a Refill Tech. This is still not computer related, but it pays good. I could have still got this job without the schooling and I also graduated on 2/7/07 and I got the job on 7/31/07, so it took 6 months to actually find a place that would hire me, so please think about these things before considering going to Vatterott College.
A  19th of Sep, 2007 by    0 Votes
Hey man your book reads just like I am still In Vatterott college Reading my book and stairing at my computer wondering what the hell Im gonna do. I have Recently hired or well working On hiring a lawyer and getting somthing done How many students at your campus took the pro rated settelments I told them to stick that settelment well you know , They cant get away with it I drive 186 miles roundtrip just to get to the school took out school loans I had to buy a vehicle to make the trip I fixing to alert the news stations In Tulsa and where i live and the Accrecdaiton people along with Sallie Mae and My senator I will not let them get away with this .
D  19th of Sep, 2007 by    -2 Votes
I am currently enrolled at Vatterott College in the Missouri area and couldn't be happier!! The instructor for my program, CAD, is very knowledgable about the field and we went right to work on the fundamentals of the course. Lecture time is not measured in actual "stand up in front of the class and talk" time. It's measured in discussions pertaining to the course work. Working out the books is a great thing, given you have Lab Time to correspond to the book work.
As for finding a job, your Career Services department CANNOT guarantee you getting a job in your field after graduation. It is impossible for them to fircast such a thing. It's also illegal.
As for the other comment above mentioning driving almost 200 miles roundtrip - why is that the college's fault?
Unless they told you that you had to BUY a car and MUST drive the distance in order to be accepted into the program, you are at a loss.

What someone should ask when going to enroll at a vocational college (such as Vatterott) is:
- Are they an accredited collge? Any College NOT accredited cannot receive federal assistance from the government

- What is their graduation rate? Any respectable college will either have this posted or will have it in their handbook upon inquiring about the college.

- What is their drop-rate? If their drop-rate is high, you shoudl consider another program or college.

- What is their Career Services placement rate, both past and present - for your program? This information will tell you the hiring trends and the placement history of your college of choice.

I hear and see negative information all the time and it sickens me that people will take this and run with it. There are alot of reallly good colleges out there and if you do your homework both before and after the enrollment process, things should run smoothly for you. As with any big decision, DO RESEARCH before making a huge decision. College is a HUGE decision for any working adult.

I hope the information I have given is helpful to anyone looking into Vatterott College. (Disclaimer: I, at NO time have ever worked for Vatterott College, and have never worked in an Admissions Department of any College.)
N  13th of Jan, 2018 by    0 Votes
@Carrie So true
N  19th of Sep, 2007 by    -3 Votes
----------IN ADDITION------

I also felt compelled to mention that companies WILL hire graduates from Vatterott, you just have to be mindful of the job market as well. I have friends that went to MAJOR universities all over the country with BA's in Marketing and Business Managment, for example, and STILL have yet to get a job. It's all in what's on your resume and what the job market looks like. 5 or 6 months is NOTHING to get a job in a field you just graduated from. The computer technology field is a difficult field to place into. You either have to be a complete WHIZ or know someone with connections. It's a saturated field, just like Graphic Design. There were gamers wanting to go and do what they love to do as a career.....MILLIONS of them.....now...career market is saturated. Unless you were already IN the field and just looking to progress further by getting a degree....you were S.O.L. Another thing to keep in mind.....THANKS!!!!
N  19th of Sep, 2007 by    0 Votes
Hey, listen to this sounds like what they told me when I enrolled he must work for Vatterott sorry that explination just doesnt cut it man bottom line Its not my fault what happen at this Place of business I was not running I guess I could myself the victim untell this happens to you, you have no Idea
A  15th of Dec, 2007 by    +2 Votes
I am also a student at Vatterott College (OK City Campus) and I am disgusted with the school all together!!! I was mislead during the admissions process and have continued to be lied to as well. A comment above said that they have such a great time at Vatterott (MO campus) and that people should do their homework on the school first. I completely understand where you are coming from on that, but the homework you do doesn't always help. I looked at all the information that Vatterott provided me as far as the drop out rate, graduation rate, population, instructor credentials... LIES!!! Come to find out, the graduation rate was not 90+ % as they stated!!! It was actually only 47% and I see why! People are tired of all the bull, the lies, and the manipulation. I am a student in the medical assisting program and I will graduate with an AOS of Medical Assisting Technology, but I just wonder how far that will go in the real world. I have a shitload of money to pay back and the dollar amount that they guaranteed Oklahoma would pay a medical assistant is nowhere near what I was shown! Their $20+ dollars and hour is actually about $8.75/hr! I could work at the Sprint call center and make $12/hr. So, I am forced to move back to Texas. Now, I also don't like the fact that they make us come to school on ice/snow days. They insist that you damn near kill yourself to get to school. If everything in the city is closed down because the roads are so bad, then Vatterott should take a cue! No, they count us absent if we don't show up!!! Another complaint that I have is that the program director for the medical assisting department (now fired) was incompetent and they had him teach a medical manager class during one of my phases. We ended up teaching him and all that we were told is that they don't care about our grades! Whatever happens, happens. I heard one of the admissions people tell a girl last week that Vatterott gives the medical department scrubs, free of charge!!! That's a lie!!! We get 4 pair of scrubs, and they ended up costing us about $400!!! Guess what brand they are??? The cheapest kind out there... Cherokee!! I could have gone to family dollar or walmart and gotten 4 pair of scubs for under a hundred dollars!!! Ridiculous. I also don't like the fact that they get our cost of living checks on the day that they say they will be processed to be requested!!! The loan company pays them about 30 days before they give our checks to us. come to find out, Vatterott is holding our checks in their corporate office's bank and drawing interest off OUR money!! What the hell??? Why are they making more money off me? I hate it and it was the worst decision of my life! I would tell anyone who was thinking of going to Vatterott College to run the other way. There may be people on here who may say different and that it is a great place to go to school, but don't listen to that. They think that way because they are gullible and don't know that Vatterott isn't even considerate enough to use lubricant while they have them bent over!!!
D  1st of Feb, 2008 by    +1 Votes
Why didn't you leave after the first semester after you realized it sucked?
A  19th of May, 2008 by    +2 Votes
I also have attended Vatterott college in Des Moines, Iowa and it has in no way measured up to the standards I was led to be leave the school had set for itself. Upon enrolling I was lead to be leave that that the school had a great success rate in all areas and that it was the right school for me.None of this is true. EVERYONE I have talked to has felt the same way. In a 10 week phase pertaining to Advanced operating systems we never once opened the book in class. ALL tests were multiple choice. Some weeks there wasn't even an instructor. IN my opinion far to much time was wasted on video games and surfing the web witch I was quite willing to do at HOME. It is fine to have fun at school but far to much time was wasted doing nothing. I am setting up a law suit against Vatterott. If anoyne reading this is interested in doing the same please contact me at wLestatw@gmail.com.
N  22nd of May, 2008 by    0 Votes
Does anyone know how to get out of paying the money back to this ridiculous school. I am another one who has been cheated by the Vatterott "First Class" Education system. I have been fighting my student loans for about 6 to 7 years now and so far they are still trying to collect. It is to the point now where they are going to garnish my checks to pay back the outrageous amount they charged me for only taking 3 classes. $12, 000 dollars and nothing I can do about it.

If anyone knows or has any information on fighting this please let me know.
A  27th of May, 2008 by    0 Votes
The school has instructors who basically do not care. Our school in KC has gone through several "directors" in the time I have been there. Also our current "directos" is non existant. He avoids the students at all cost to avoid our complaints. The career services department is a total joke like the financial aid department of which there are more of them then actual instructors. Once they have you locked into the 3rd phase of your "education" they do not care anymore. Basically they give you the answers to the test to just push you on to get their "success" rate. I have YET to hear an actual "success" story from the school. Our class started with about 14 people now there are 4. If people would realize that going to a school like this vs an apprenticeship school or actual university for whatever you want to learn that would be better. This place is a total joke. I should have listened to people when I was in the first "phase". I agree with Scott on suing Vatterott. Majority of the instructors do not have actual good experience in the field or the instructor doesnt know how to teach or not even there. It is bad when you have to BEG for help or hunt down the person. A majority of the instructors or "lab" assistants are graduates of the school with 2 yrs experience...of which came from the school.

Save your money time and sanity.

BTW IF YOU ARE GOING IF YOU TOOK 3 CLASSES YOU ARE S.O.L you have to pay them back. 3 phase means your screwed.
N  2nd of Jun, 2008 by    -2 Votes
I have an in law that took the computer programing in wichita. he got a job out of school in wichita then closer to home in El Dorado which is closer to his home in Kansas. He was paid 18 and hour starting. It so impressed me that I was considering taking the course.
A  2nd of Jun, 2008 by    0 Votes
Hello I commented not to long ago I was a tulsa computer tech victim now my loans are up for payment I didnt even get a degree I was advised by a lawyer who by the way did take the case to drop out because the mileage i was driving was costing me more and more and with teachers only showng ounce or twice a week that i was not benefiting Vatterott called me two months ago today and told they were sorry i was there during a transtion well you know thats not gonna help in bankruptcy court if anyone is starting a class action or any kind of lawsuit let me in I have been wronged, by this big conglamorite and I am fixing to sink from all the school loans
D  11th of Jul, 2008 by    0 Votes
I graduated from Vatterott College in St. Ann in 1996. I found a job in the field 6 months before I graduated as a Microcomputer Specialist for a Consulting Company that offered services for the US Government. I then left that job for a more profitable opportunity with a company that Designed and installed retail point of sale systems. I also have done free lance work setting up office LANs for small companies at a rate of $ 85.00 per hour, and I also free lance design web pages and charge $ 65.00 per hour and never have to leave the house to do that. I lost the job with the retail Point of Sale company because they went broke, but found another job with a Consulting Company who has contracts in 'St. Louis with major corporations like BJC Healthcare, Boeing, Maritz, Dept. of Defense, Honeywell and Lucent Technologies. My salary has always been good, and I'm jealous of a friend who graduated a year before me and got some additional certifications and makes almost 100K per year for Ricoh. Jobs are harder to come by these days than they were 10 years ago, but keep in mind, job hunting is as difficult as having a full time job, and it takes a lot of work, but the effort is worth the time it takes. I have been in the IT business for 12 years, and would still be in the restaurant business if I hadn't graduated from Vatterott College.
A  22nd of Jul, 2008 by    -1 Votes
I graduated from Vatterott College (St. Ann campus in Missouri) in 2007 with an Associate's Degree in Computer Programming. First let me say that I have wasted 36 grand. I could've went to a 4 year university and gotten more out of it. My first 60 weeks were the pits. The teachers didn't seem to care if we got the information or not. They would just say "Read the chapter", "Read your notes", or "Read the handouts". If you're not understanding how the above things help you out. There was not any tutoring available. No computer lab to try to study or pratice running programs. No incintive to attend school (ITT offered a laptop with their enrollment package). I received software to download and practice at home but I DON'T OWN A COMPUTER!!! So that was useless to me. As Eugene stated, I don't want to be a telemarketer. So why is this the only job you can find for me? Jobs in my field want me to have what Vatterott couldn't give me: 3-5 years experience, different software that VC hadn't taught us, and a Bachelor's Degree. The Bachelor phase of Computer Programming was a goal of mine until the Director of the Dept commented by saying that HE WOULD NOT HIRE VATTEROTT STUDENTS!! Then why work somewhere where the staff wouldn't hire you? Currently, I went to UMSL to try to transfer my credits and was turned down. The same thing happened at the community college. Was told by some man that was working in the office that Webster takes our creds but it's not in my field. If there's a class action suit going on please email me.
A  23rd of Jul, 2008 by    +2 Votes
Spent $22, 000 on vatterott's lack-luster education, and I couldn't be more unhappy. I graduated salutatorian, with perfect attendence, and I made Directors Honor Roll 100% of the time. Looks like I'll be working at Wal-Mart. Take my advice, go to a real 4 year university.
A  24th of Jul, 2008 by    +2 Votes
I'm in the Kansas City, Mo location and I feel the same as everyone else. I recently found out that the same program I am enrolled in is offered at a community college for around $2, 000 and I'm paying $24, 000. Then come to find out the credits are NOT transferrable to any other college. When I enrolled I was explained that NAU and Webster took Vatterott credits. It's all smoke and mirrors to get your money. My advise is that anytime your schools administrators work on commission your doomed!!! I wonder how many people would be willing to file a class action law suit????
A  4th of Aug, 2008 by    +2 Votes
As a former instructor at Vatterott I have to agree that the education is terrible. One of the biggest problems is that Vatterott is profit driven and the organization places incredible emphasis on retention of students that should have never been allowed to enroll in tech related educational programs. There are some great students, but trying to educate them is challenging when instructors are pressured to sacrifice educational standards in order to insure that sub-par students get passing grades. The game at Vatterott seems to be that of enrolling anyone you can get into anything they want and then keep them in school for as long as the money flows. It doesn't matter if intelligent and hard working students are bored to death and cheated out of a quality education as long as an instructor finds some balance to retain the bad students and keep that money rolling in. An instructor will be punished and castigated for failing a lazy, tardy, absent or plain dumb student. I never saw an instructor rewarded for how much he taught his students. In fact instructors were discouraged from requiring students to perform to a level that is acceptable in a given career field. I have seen diplomas and grades faked in order to keep students enrolled and happy. That sad thing is that these "favors" were not done to salvage potentially great students or tradesmen. It was all about the money. I wont even go into the integrity issues involving staff members, inappropriate relationships between staff and students, the bogus credentials and faculty degrees touted by the school, the near worthless accreditation schema used in the career school industry, the pop in the butt Vaterrott got from the Feds for cheating staff on overtime, the milking of the state funds or the snow jobs presented to the industry advisors to make things look all legit. I don't know if the other trade schools are just as sleazy, but I can guarantee that no one I know will step a foot inside Vatterott College. Kids, if you want an education, go to a state accredited institution and bypass Vatterott College.
N  17th of Nov, 2008 by    +1 Votes
I still have not found a job in the field. It's been almost 3 years now. I've been doing Maintenance at a local hotel for $7.50 an hour. I've basically forgot everything I learned by now. These A-holes really screwed me. I've been getting deferments one after another because I can't pay off these loans. Ever!
A  20th of Nov, 2008 by    +1 Votes
I just graduated from Vatterott in Omaha, Ne last month! I am trying to reach corporate, this school is a JOKE! I don't know how many teachers I went through not to mention Director of education, along with my career placement lady Maria, and the school just basically takes and steals money from the Government. I have requested a list of books I recieved and the price list of which I paid for these books and the refused to give me one..why..Because they bundle it in the the 10 week phase and rip you off. I was harrassed by Vicki Ruckman the MA director as well as threatened never to call corporate.

We all need to get together and sue Vatterott for the abuse, lies, and money we have lost and will have to repay the government for what they have stolen from them in our behalf.

Anyone feel free to contact me on these issues!
N  30th of Nov, 2008 by    +1 Votes
These are some negative comments about an institution, glad I ran into this discussion, for I was ready to jump in. Not anymore, thank you everyone, I know how you feel. Few years back I was down 15K at some "joke school" that doesn't even exist anymore. I was able to clear my debt through hard work, and almost made the mistake twice. Degrees are worthless, what I do now is not even remotely close to my degree of IT. I'll get the books and study at home and spend the $$$'s on funnier stuff. Beware.

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