VarageSalereview option - why only praise?

There are way too many people selling faulty items on this site/ app. I have been used to using marketplace and for some reason I never had such terrible experiences there. I had a problem with someone who sold me faulty fur coat. I admit it is a risk to buy a fur coat, because if it has hasn't been stored properly it could be damaged from anywhere and you may not see until you get home. But atleast in letgo, people can report a seller and even leave a review (to some extent.) Here, there is no responsibility given to the seller. One person dropped off a notebook with 3 pages clearly ripped out. The admin is literally justifying this by saying maybe she forgot the page count. That's not even the point. She never advertised the page count, but how could she forget, she used and then ripped out a few pages and is advertising this item? The second person sold a shrunk wool sweater that wouldn't even be acceptable to give to charity. I think twice before donating things to goodwill, because I know it's not a garbage dump but here we have people selling their trash literally for money. On top of that, admin says we want to promote neighbourly sentiment so you can't leave bad reviews. In stead, you should get into fights with people, report to admin, to no avail and hope and expect to get that person kicked out of the site. This is more like destroying good neighbourly feeling and creating mistrust rather than anything else!

Anna Seth (on Varagesale)

Nov 30, 2018

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