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To whom it may concern.

I ordered some shorts from the valley girl online store. When I received them the zipper was broken. I phoned the customer service Center and they told me to go into a valley girl store, and ask them to call head office and they will send the store an email so they could do an exchange for me. When I got to the store the girl called head office and they told her that they wouldn't send an email. They told me I would have to contact the online store and send them back. This was very inconvenient for me as I came all the way to the store and also because I would have to pay the shipping fee to send them back. When it was sent to me faulty!! All I wanted was to exchange them for something else. I asked to speak to the manager and I was told there was nothing they could do. So I asked if they could call the customer service department so I could speak to someone. When I call I spoke to an extremely rude and unprofessional person called Simon! I asked Simon to please help me or if I could speak to a manager and he bluntly told me NO! I asked Simon if there was someone else that I could speak with as Simon was being completely rude, disrespectful, unprofessional and extremely unhelpful. Simon then said there is someone else I could talk to but he wasn't going to let me. I said I have a right to speak with someone else as I am a customer and that he was not helping me. Simon then said " Sorry no you don't!" I told him I could call consumer affairs and report this. Simon then laughed at me down the phone, and then started to mock me by saying "oh no I'm so scared" and "oh no consumer affairs I'm terrified" whilst laughing at me. I told the girl at the store he is laughing at me. This is so unprofessional and completely and utterly RUDE!! He then hung up on me!! I could not believe how I was being treated as a paying customer. I called back and asked again to speak to someone other that Simon as he was obviously incompetent and very immature. Simon laughed again and told me again no!! The girl at the store called her manager and I spoke with her and she said she would try and sort something out and she would call back. When she called back she said that I would have to exchange them online and pay the shipping fee. I told her why should I pay the shipping fee as this was sent to me faulty. I was getting no where with the valley girl staff so I left in tears! I phoned consumer affairs and spoke with someone that was finally helpful. So I am emailing to let you know how upset, and unhappy I am. I have reported valley girl, to consumer affairs. I can not believe how disgusting and unprofessional your staff is!! ESPECIALLY SIMON!! I will NEVER purchase anything from vally girl again ( and I used to spend a lot of money there) plus I will be telling everyone about this experience! I have also contacted my lawyer who is going to investigate this for me. Simon is the most incompetent, revolting, unprofessional person I have ever dealt with in retail!! And it's very tacky and cheap to have someone with such low standards of customer service representing your business!! Please note I will be pursuing this matter with consumer affairs and my lawyer. I am also going to go to the media and let everyone know this is the service you receive from vally girl. Absolutely rude and disrespectful treatment!!

Feb 3, 2017

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