Valic / unforeseeable emergency

United States

I had been out of work almost 6 months due to having a major surgery. I used up all of my sick/vacation time & savings and was no longer receiving pay through my employer. I am the sole provider for a family of 6 and had no income coming in. I contacted valic and was told i could withdraw money from my account due to an unforseeable emergency. The rep i spoke to emailed the paperwork. After reading through i discovered i did qualify for this withdrawl according to the guidelines. I faxed the paperwork back along with some medical paperwork proving I'd had surgery & my two recent paystubs showing my decrease in pay. After a week I called to check the status & was told the application was denied until further documentation was provided. I was told to provide a letter from my employer stating why i was not working, paystubs showing a decrease in pay, my w2 from last year, and a 1099 tax form. I asked the rep what a 1099 was and he stated it was my taxes. So I immediately faxed valic my last 13 paystubs, medical notes from my dr, leave of absence forms from my employer, my full 2016 tax return, and my 2016 w2. The next day, today, I called to make sure all forms were received & a very rude female rep told me the only thing i sent in that was acceptable was my leave of absence. According to this rep my paystubs were not acceptable because i sent 13 & they only wanted the last 5 ??? My w2 was not a w2 but a worksheet even though it is a w2 printed from my govt employers tax page, & even though the instructions I was given expressly requested a 1099 form this rep tells me I wouldn't generally have a 1099 if i have a w2 ??? And the whole time she's speaking to me she seems thoroughly annoyed & treats me like an idiot. So after hanging up I went back & faxed the 5 paystubs this woman stated were required & my w2. I can only imagine what I'll be told tomorrow. I've worked my job for 10 years a model employee & now I've had an emergency & had to call to get my own money & this woman treated me like absolute crap. I'm extremely dissatisfied with the service.

May 16, 2017

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