Vacations Made Easyhorrible service and exorbitant rates

I booked a room Wednesday night Feb 11th for downtown Nashville for this past weekend Feb 13 + 14. Vacations Made Easy say (when you call them) that they don't outsource their motel bookings overseas like so many other US hotel chains and want to keep American jobs. They are only in operation from 10 am CST to 9 pm CST. So when I booked my room at 10:30 pm that night through their web site, I received a confirmation from VME that the room was booked, showing the hotel, address and dates. We left the next morning for Nashville and I received a call from them saying the reservation didn't go through. So I called them from the highway already heading for TN. I asked why and they said the hotel room was not available as the hotel has an Auto booking system and the room was not available. I asked why then did VME not let me know it was NOT available after sending me an email that it was booked? But because they are not open until 10 AM CST, they don't have anyone to help you. So it was 12 hours later they contacted me. Now I'm trying to book a hotel room in Nashville while traveling there. I'm on the cell phone with 7 pm that evening, only 4 hours from Nashville and we find at the Rodeway Inn in Goodletsville, TN, 10 miles from downtown Nashville. We book it, the rate is $120.00 a night for 3 nights. I ask for and they confirm TWO beds. VME tells me the Confirmation is sent and we are booked. We get to the Rodeway Inn at 11 pm CST and the lady at the front desk has no confirmation for me, has nothing with my last name Thompson, NO confirmation. However we need a room and they have them available. So we book a room for three nights at $55.99 a night, total fees $206.19 for three nights. Now remember, VACATIONS MADE EASY told me over the phone that they had reserved a room for me at this motel for $360. for three nights? We got into our room and I started thinking that the next day I better check with VME and let them know we had no reservation and to make sure they wouldn't charge me. I called VME and told them what happened and the lady there 'Lisa' told me that in fact Rodeway Inn had confirmed the reservation and I would be charged $360. I told them there was no reservation, the lady had no idea who VME was and that we had paid cash ($206.10) for a room for three nights. VME told me to go to the motel front desk, which I did and the manager gave me back my $206.10 cash saying that yes, they did receive the confirmation, but that it never got into their check in system. So I was given my $206.10 back in cash and Vacations Made Easy told me over the phone that they would be charging me $360. for the same room the hotel charges $206.10 for?? I was appalled, what an exorbitant mark up from $206.10 from the hotel to $360. by Vacations Made Easy. I said to Lisa that I thought the original booking fiasco at the Comfort Inn downtown Nashville was a farce that they couldn't have let me known sooner, that the Rodeway Inn never rec'd the confirmation from VME and that their fees on top of the Rodeway Inn room price was absolutely pathetic and a rip off, almost twice as much what the motel room cost. Lisa was very unsympathetic, uncaring and told me that their system worked like this. When I questioned them not being able to take calls, confirm or handle problems during their off hours and why they would allow the web site to book and send out confirmations without a customer being able to talk to someone 24 hours a day at VME, she said this is how they operate. I am HUGELY disappointed in their service and in their outrageous fees (mark up) on the service they give. Charging me $360. for a room which the motel charged them $206.10 is brutal! I understand VME needs to make money for their service, but his was ignorant and I will never use VME again and I will do everything to make sure as many people as possible know my story and the outrageous fees VME charges for their poor service!

Feb 17, 2015

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