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Vacations Made Easy / rip off

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I booked a vacation activity of a `Sealife Safari Tour' for 4 through When you read the information it sounds great and likely worth the expense for a memorable holiday event.

When you go to book it brings up info only for the tour at Clearwater. The event calendar is also very restrictive for 8.45am only throughout every future period. Clearly they then can't offer the buffet lunch beforehand but we still decided to go for it based on the interest factor. When we arrived, we found that the exact same tour is available directly off the pier at $19.95 per head with plenty of availability at each and every sheduled sale time. There is no marine biologist aboard and there are no times when they offer food. It was the exact same trip/company as purchased through this agent.

They charge $92.45 per head. This gives around an 80% mark up for their booking fee for a trip which very clearly appears to be falsely advertised.

I have tried to get my money back but their terms do not allow that.

I have left a review on their website but no reviews at all are showing. That would suggest they block them to avoid adverse publicity.

Do not book through them for any event. In making your vacation a little easier, they are simply lining their own pockets through conning people out of their hard earned cash!

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  • Ro
      27th of Jul, 2009
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    They ripped us off too! They charged us double the going rate for a tour and we couldn't even take the tour because the Ryman Theater had the day blocked off for an event - which they say our tour company should have known because block-out dates are posted. When we tried to get a refund, they only offered $12 on a $99 charge. They are thieves and con artists.

  • So
      18th of Jul, 2010
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    I booked through them last minute for a hotel near Chicago (8 minutes away from the zoo and other fun things.) I was already on the road driving and almost to my destination when I received my vouchers, which lo and behold, were for a hotel 50 miles away in Bluff Park! The hotel where I arrived had no problem calling their "sister" hotel and canceling my reservation, but when I called to inquire as to why I was charged for a king size, jacuzzi room and my tickets said STANDARD, non-smoking preferred for the same price... they had no answer. I was then told that it was Choice Hotel policy and not their policy regarding the cancellation for the room I did not want over 50 miles out of town. It was not the room I had reserved, nor was it even in the town I asked for!

    I gave the representative the phone number for this hotel when he was told it was not in his system (which was how I found it in the first place - I searched for "Chicago hotel jacuzzi" and was led to their site) so that they could attempt to "pay" for this hotel instead. He put me on hold to attempt calling while I was standing at the desk and then switched over and told me the line had been busy and he could not get through. He further informs me that I am not staying at a Choice hotel, despite the fact that this hotel was able to call and cancel my room so easily due to them both being Choice hotels, and that they don't do same day cancellation policy. I have went to and looked for hotels in the Bluff Park area and was informed that they are working on currently working on servicing the area... this hotel was chosen for me by and NOT one of the ones we had discussed. I remember the exact description and how far away it was from everything... 8 minutes from some places... and was extremely stressed and disappointed to get here and realize that I had to pay for not only my hotel now (that I THOUGHT was taken care of), but I also now have to attempt to deal with their fraudulent practices.

    My money has not been taken out of my Discover account yet, but has been put on hold by this company. Their policy of keeping "100% percent" of a refund is disgusting whenever they apparently set up vacations at a hiked rate or even SEND THEM TO THE WRONG PLACE and then say that their hands are tied. Avoid at all costs. It was cheaper for me to go through the hotel!!

  • Cl
      27th of Aug, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I too was ripped off by these con artists. is ran by a con artist by the name of Matt Cook who is nothing but a thieve, a liar, and manipulator. They present everything on their website so well and when you arrive at the location, you find out that you overpaid and that you're not getting what you paid for. I'm currently going through a legal dispute with them trying to get my money back. STAY AWAY FROM THESE THIEVES.

    Somadawn, I looks like they have a method on how to deal with their customers who are being ripped off by them. I went through the same sequence of events you have just described here after arriving at the hotel. It was a complete dump nothing like they had advertised on their website. I regused to have my family stay there so I booked somewhere else. When I tried to get at least my lodging money back, Matt Cook approached me with a very defensive attitude calling me a liar and dismissing my claims without any investigation done on his part. The experience was horrible. This almost ruined our vacation. BUYER BEWARE.

  • No
      23rd of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Sounds to me like none of you understand this service at all.

    Your complaints are about the attractions when you arrive to them. Did you ever stop to think that perhaps the attractions are sending false information to Vacations Made Easy to increase their ticket sales? Do you really think that Vacations Made Easy is the one that generates the picture of the hotel or attraction? And are you really naive enough to believe that someone from Vacations Made Easy visits every one of these attractions and writes the description of it? If you are I'll tell you that all of the information that you're complaining about is sent from vendors to the website. You claim that this company is so malicious but if you'd stop and think for a second you'd realize where you complaint should be placed. The rates are under contract, and that contract is made between the vendor and facilitator and the party that stands to make the most in these sort of contracts is the vendor not the facilitator.

    Grow a brain and use it a bit before you decide to complain.

  • Lc
      17th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    I agree they are a rip-off. I have turned them into the Better Business Bureau. I booked on line- paid $880 for 4 nights hotel, various sight seeing - found out when I got the email to print tickets I got the 4 nights hotel and 1 sightseeing at a museum which they charged more for. I cancelled - they keep $100 and are giving me a "cerficicate " for $700. I have booked my own hotel and sightseeing and hope I am not out $880!

  • Ch
      19th of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have reviewed and it looks like they have provided information regarding their cancellation policies on every page. They even offer it just before you make your order. Sounds like people are just upset with themselves and won't admit they're too dumb/ignorant to stop for a second and look over a cancellation policy before they dish out several hundred dollars for a vacation. It's your own fault, people. Don't get pissed at a company who just follows their policies that are clearly available to anyone who wants to find them.

  • Am
      26th of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    Do not be fooled. NoahAllen and CharleneD are both Matt Cook. At least he cleans up his language for the internet. If you ever have the "pleasure" of talking to this guy he will insult and berate you. He gets off on it. Do not be intimidated. Continue to post your experiences and report these theives to the BBB. I hope that one upside of this struggling economy is that people will examine where they choose to spend their money and schysters like VME will be run out of business.

  • Ma
      21st of Nov, 2012
    0 Votes

    I was ripped- off too ! I had booked on line for a hotel reservation and 2 hours later had to cancel due to cancellation of my trip. Since I used my debit card they took my money immediately. When I tried to call to get refund they stated that I had to get a gift certificate in the amount and use their company only . I had only 12 months to use it, after that I will be charged 5% from my balance every month their after till balance is 0. This company is over priced and is a Fraud . I filed a complaint to better business burrow and plan to file with Attorney General office and as many companies as I can to prevent them from ripping -off others. If you did not do so, please do the same and file complaint with BBB, local attorney general office . I will contact other investigation services and let you know if any progress being done . Marina Schaum.

  • Mo
      14th of Mar, 2013
    0 Votes

    PLEASE DON'T BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY!!! I am currently reporting them to every organization I can to get them out of business! PLEASE DO NOT BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY! They wait until the last minute to tell you if your reservation has been approved. They have a 48 hr cancellation policy, but do not give you enough time to cancel. Then they offer you a voucher for a cheaper hotel!
    Consumers need to be warned about his company!

  • Dr
      4th of Jul, 2013
    0 Votes
    Vacations Made Easy - policies and customer service
    vacations.s made easy
    2101 W. Chesterfield Blvd building c suite 124
    United States
    Phone: (800) 987-9852

    I would not recommend this business to no one ever!! They are a total rip off. I found out I paid more for my vacation to Seaworld than I should have . I had a motel reserved for $273.99 and once we got to our hotel it was a total disaster. We literally had to call them four times to convince them we should get our money back and found a motel cheaper than the one we booked. They only promised us 90% back refund. They want u to give 48 hour notice of any complaints u may have which is impossible because u can't go on ur trip til the day u planned it. Six flags was somehow ordered on my account and money taken off my card when I did not authorize it. Went thru hell trying to convince them to give me all my money back for something I did not ask for. They basically have a too tight refund policy and are not very understanding when u have an issue wit your vacation. And last but not least they do not honor what they advertise. They say u can change or cancel but when u try to they refuse to do it. I will never go back to them again.

  • Cr
      11th of Jul, 2013
    0 Votes

    I agree this company over charged me 25% for a package 150.00 more than if I did it myself gave me reservations to the wrong hotel than the one I applied for then booked a regular room when I paid for a suite I called to get something resolved they told me there was nothing they could do I called back to speak to a manager and low an behold they blocked my phone number do not use this site ever they are crooks

  • Ut
      30th of Jun, 2014
    0 Votes

    Utter disaster. VME chose this hotel as the hotel originally requested somehow became unavailable AFTER I reserved it. The hotel was a nightmare and very unsanitary. Making the best out of the worst, we got settled in and our room lost power. Manager was off site and the attender said he was not allowed to call him. Because power was lost, we were also locked out of the room. Nightmare. Because of the hotel's refusal to act on the situation, the police were called. The police resolved the problem quickly by speaking with the guy attending and we were offered a FULL REFUND. Once the police left, I was given a hard time about the refund as I was told I could get nothing printed or otherwise, but that VME would be e-mailed to process the refund. The police were called again as I was not certain they would process it. The police arrived again and made them give me a card with a written msg about the refund. The hotel said VME does not allow them to give their customers a receipt. Called VME today. No refund e-mail was sent. VME is now saying they do not give refunds. I NEVER received that in writing. It's not printed on the confirmation/reservations or website. Had it been, I would have NEVER used VME. Any reputable company cares about their customers and refunds are part of good business ESPECIALLY if the fault is on the behalf of the company. Currently awaiting a call back from VME as they now claim to have to investigate. How can they do an investigation with me, the customer? This sounds like a scam and I was taken for a few hundred dollars. Will see if they keep their word, if not, other avenues of restitution will be explored

  • Si
      10th of Nov, 2014
    +1 Votes

    MAJOR RIP OFF!!! Ripped me of with tickets for Midieval times. Couldn't get refund before scheduled date of showing, not even after!! Charged over 80% more for the tickets and yet if you call different numbers for different departments you get the same people at your service with the same supervisor who has no professional ability what so ever to speak with anyone. Supervisor Jane ext 5069 needs to attend seminars for people skills!!! She had to ordasity to hang up on me while I was still speaking with her to get more information.
    I am still looking to take this further, anyone else has any other information to share?

  • Vm
      17th of Nov, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Please DO NOT do business with these people! Arrived at ICE Museum and Opryland had no recollection of my tickets.
    Called Vacation Made Easy and said it was my fault somehow. I agree that Jane needs supervisor skills as well!!! She was horrible.

  • Ra
      14th of Mar, 2015
    +1 Votes


  • Su
      1st of May, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Do not book with them". They did get us decent seats but booked us o to what had to be a one star motel when I made it clear that I wanted a high end hotel. We had to go find our own accommodations . We were to see a show tonight but they had closed down . We paid for the tickets but no show. The lady at the center was rude and could not have cared less about us. By the way, they just want to sell you a time share...which we didn't know they were into.

  • Ke
      24th of May, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Vacations made easy is a cimplementation scam. My wife called them to book a simple carriage ride in nashville. They took our credit card number, charged us 50 dollars. We went to the pick up location and the operators did not know we where coming. We called vacations made easy and they said that it was there policy to charge the credit card, then look for a reservation. If they cannot find a reservation to refund the money. So they took our money and did not deliver any service. Plus the ride would have been cheaper if we just paid the carriage operator. TOTAL AND COMPLETE SCAM.

  • Ne
      18th of Jun, 2015
    +1 Votes

    My husband and I booked a cruise for Spirit of Norfolk through vacationsmadeeasy. Our wedding Anniversary was June 17th, in which that was they day we booked for us to take the cruise. Vacationsmade easy called the night before (6/16) stating that we had to go on the cruise on June 18th because the cruise was not available. We changed our plans and tried to get to the cruise on the 18th. After arriving to the site of the boat early, we had to ride around for an additional 20 minutes trying to find parking. Nevertheless, we left our hotel which is Williamsburg in enough time to get to the boat. Once we finally found parking we approached the boat which was pulling off. We then went to the will call box of Spirit of Norfolk in which they were ready to give us another date and time. Due to the fact we booked through vacationsmadeeasy, we had to call them back. When we called them, they stated they had called Spirit of Norfolk and they wouldn't give them a new date and time which was a lie. Vacations made easy told us they could only refund us $14 after we paid $140.00 for our supposedly anniversary cruise. I called Spirit of Norfolk again in which they stated they didn't have a problem with giving us a new date. So not only were we not able to enjoy our postponed anniversary luncheon, we couldn't enjoy the experience of a cruise neither. I will never use vacations made easy again and I was saddened that they didn't try to work with us but only interested in charging more money to get a new ticket.

  • Ro
      4th of Aug, 2015
    0 Votes

    I booked a last minute weekend trip(Saturday night) to Pigeon Forge for one night, Dixie Stampede tickets and Wonder Works tickets. Hotels were scarce as this was a busy weekend in Pigeon Forge. Spoke with VME on Wednesday and made all arrangements and PAID with a credit card. The next day, Thursday, they called me to say that hotel we booked and paid for was now not available. I said OK these things happen and we re- booked at another hotel that was not exactly what we wanted but at the late date it was OK. The very next day, Friday, less than 24 hours from our departure VME called again to inform me that the second hotel that we booked and paid for was now not available and we could re-book at another hotel--obviously there would be no guarantee that that reservation would be honored either. I indicated that I thought their company was a joke and said I would never do any business with them again, please refund 100% of my mone for entire package. Funny thing is I called the same hotel and booked the same rooms that they told me were sold out, I then called Dixie Stampede and got 6 pm dinner tickets that VME said were sold out! I put the whole package together for the same price that VME quoted. On Saturday, while we were at the pool of the hotel VME said was not available, Dixie Stampede called me to say I had two reservations. I told them I had cancelled the earlier show with VME. I called VME and they had only cancelled the hotel--NOT the whole package and it was too late! After speaking to a manager, they finally agreed to refund my credit card as if they were doing me a favor. I had to insist that we could not have traveled to the area without a hotel room, therefore the remaining package should have been cancelled too.
    Clearly this business is only able to book hotels a shows that will not be sold-out which creates their margin of profit. My complaint is why not, after cancelling two reservations and 24 hrs prior to the trip, just break even on the hotel and keep a customer happy? Also, the "shyster" practices that have earned them all these complaints are well deserved. Please avoid this company at all cost.
    Dixie Stampede, Best Western, and Wonder Works staff were very helpful and we will return to these businesses in the future.

  • Gu
      11th of Aug, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Never book anything with these clowns. They never tell you that once you make the reservation and then cancel it. No cancellation, no refund period. The Supervisor won't even help you. Oh they will talk the talk, but that is all a sales pitch. They could care less about you, all they want is the money. DO NOT CALL THEM FOR ANYTHING!

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