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1 Branson, MO, United States Review updated:
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The Vacation Travel Club representatives were "less than open and honest" with us when we attended their presentation. (Summer of 2008)

We were given program pricing that turns out to be greatly inflated over what many other members have paid. We traded in an Arizona Time Share with our purchase and were led to believe that we received 50% off the cost of the vacation package by handing our PAID FOR time share over to them. Our Time Share was valued at somewhere between $2500 and $4000 (estimated market value) PLUS we signed a contract for an ADDITIONAL COST of $3300 for the Travel Package.

TO TOP THAT OFF, when we got back home in Oklahoma and attempted to use the travel package, for Christmas trip planning purposes, we were told we had to pay on the package for a year before we could use it!. Nothing like this was ever discussed with us before we left Branson!

We went to Branson this summer to talk to them about this and on our first visit at their business office, nobody would come out to talk to us about the status of our contract. We called them from our car in the parking lot and were told someone would talk to us if we returned. We were advised that we could cancel our contract if we chose to do so but could not expect to receive any compensation or refund from the approximately $1700 cash AND a time share we had traded in on the package. In current searches, it is clear that the club does not offer discounts that cannot be obtained by using other discount pricing options that you do not have to pay fees for using.
IN FACT, just today, we found cheaper airlines tickets that those offered by our Vacation Travel Club just by using!!!

YES, we were probably too easily duped at their presentation but when the ordinary person sees all the wonderful things they present to you as actual "YOU CAN GO NOW" TRAVEL OPPORTUNITIES (that turn out to be non-existent or unavailable) it is easy to fall for their ruse. I believe that any reputable business with a worthwhile product SHOULD sell their product to everyone at the same price, rather than have agents or managers "play everyone" for what they feel they can get out of them for the program...Which is clearly the case with VSA & their VACATION TRAVEL CLUB.

I intend writing to someone to try to get some sort of financial relief or reimbursement... but am not expecting much, from what I read from other complaints about VSA. I'll follow-up on this site with a report on that situation, if allowable.

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