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Vacation Reservation Center / Rude employee

1 TN, United States

My family was searching for a motel/hotel in the Gatlinburg, TN area for new years. We googled "Gatlinburg, TN" and checked out available rooms. One looked like it would suite our needs, so I called the toll free number listed. It turned out to be TNT Resorts. I haven't heard of this company before and had never been to their website. I called the number and talked with a very nice gentleman who took my information, set us up with a room and at the very end of the conversation said "the morning after you check in you will be required to sit through a 90 minute time share speech". He then abruptly put me on hold. This was the first notion I had that this company was even connected to a timeshare business. I knew immediately my husband probably wouldn't go for this, but continued on with the reservation, fearing everything was already booked for the time we needed. After completing the call and speaking with my husband, we did further checking and found adequate lodging elsewhere. I called TNT back and stated I wanted to cancel my reservation and was told that only one person could do that and that she would contact me between 24 and 48 hours. 4 days later, she finally called. At the beginning of the conversation everything seemed fine and suddening she got this attitude and was the rudest most unprofessional person I have dealt with in a long time. Not only was she smart mouthed, but she kept repeating, "it's not my fault you didn't know we were a timeshare's on our website". I had absolutely no problem paying the cancellation fee, she just wouldn't shut up. Eventually I said, "Who is your supervisor". She replied "No-one; I'm my own boss". I said "Someone HAS to be over you." She said "I'm my own boss". At this point after refusing to pull our tape to hear the conversation to check what I was told against what she was saying, I simply hung up. We will NEVER use TNT Resorts for any reason at all. I repeat: I have not been around someone dealing with the public that had such an attitude as this in a long time and hope to never encounter it again. Does she think she's the only company to be in this business? You know, a simple apology would have negated the need for this email. But after contacting the company and asking for a return call, I haven't heard a word from them.


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