Vacation Hub International (VHI)unethical behaviour -

On the evening of the 12-06-2016 I attended a presentation by a vhi sales team.
From what was told to me in the presentation I paid a deposit to join, however on reading the fine print in thier contract I found out that I have been conned, and that the contract beared little resemblance to that what was being offered verbally by the sales representatives
That same evening, ~2 hours after signing up I tried to cancle the contract but was told I could not.
After months of phone calls ans e-mails and my highlighting that had crossed out most of the contratictory clauses on the contract at the time I signed it, in september 2016 vhi agreed to refund me, however 7 months later they still have not refunded me, the standard reply being the payment has been given to thier accounts department to pay me.
The accounts department do not answer the phone, or the switchboard does not put you through to the anyone in the accounts department. When you speak to liason officers the y tell you the company only has a small budget for paying accounts and you must sit at the back of the line indefinatly to be paid.

The vhi switchboard

Jan 30, 2017

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