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Vacation Hub International / fineprint scam - no refund within cool off period - use delay tactics to get outside this period

1 PO Box 1912, Somerset West, 7129, South AfricaSomerset West, South Africa Review updated:
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Vhi scam - vocation hub international - deposit, reliance fee & lifetime scam
Scam is to get you past "cool-off" period when realising you've been taken for a ride. very fine print - if i not cancel in 5days, registered mail, pay 50% reliance fee x24mnths =r7740. so many promises to get you to presentation venue (centurionproteahotel 12 jan 2016) & get your deposit. free holiday if you attend venue & if willing to go on vhi vacation and afterwards share experience. next u can win r20000 if your credit card digits match vhi numbers -you check, hi see you have c/card. vhi slide show with ++bargains, cruise >r30000 @ r6000. vhi promise same lifetime holidays to u & 4 family/friends also. vhi say they registered with ncr so my investment safe, >45% discounts always. lifetime membership r100k, 30% discount @ venue=r70k . r14k dep & 24mth for balance. vhi give all money back after 10yrs. vhi hosts give fake name, email & cell no. lifetime only 10yrs. my 24mth installments not 24 mth, small print +r645(reliance fee) for 120mth = >r77400 extra - not r70k as agreed, but >r144k. no way to contact vhi fake rep. vhi hq tel engaged/ringing. vhi play for time. only elsabe can help, but not available. all@ vhi try to get you past the 5days. mailed cancellation & given tracking no, my r14399 deposit outstanding.

Ricforb finance company (pty) ltd t/a vacation hub international,
Reg. nr 1947/027568/07
Po box 1912, somerset west, 7129, south africa.
Telephone: +[protected]
Fax: [protected]

Feb 8, 2016
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  • Je
      16th of Feb, 2016
    +2 Votes

    I have exactly the same problem. I infact have a REFUND FOR FULL AND FINAL SETTLEMENT form mailed to me by them, but they request a letter from my bank stating that the bank will not reverse the transaction, after 4 months of phone calls, fighting, emails etc etc, I have still not been refunded. The latest version by Elsabe is that they indicated to FNB that FNB can reverse the transaction, yet I am in receipt of a valid letter from FNB that they are NOT going to reverse the transaction. I am NOT prepared to loose my R9149 deposit and will go as far as CARTE BLANCHE with VHI international. Any more people interested in joining me?

  • Ba
      13th of Jul, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Jeannie Vd Westhuizen Harmse Hi Jeannie,
    I am prepared to add my story for Carte Blanche. Please call me on 083 66 66 270, Barry.
    I have lost over R30, 000 :(

  • Ki
      12th of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Jeannie Vd Westhuizen Harmse hi yes I am we need to stop these people my husband and were caught last night on the scam please contact me on 0839912880 as I am very eager to assist and put an end to these fraudsters

  • Br
      3rd of Mar, 2016
    0 Votes

    We got taken for the same scam - we are willing to join you and take them to Carte Blanche
    We are based in West of JHB - and have lost R5149 as a deposit

  • Va
      22nd of Aug, 2016
    +1 Votes

    I have the same experience after attending the presentation on 29 Apr 2016 at Protea Hotel, Centurion and will lose R5649 activation fee.After reading the fine print over the weekend, I called VHI, 5 May 2016 (Maggie La ###) after sending a mail informing VHI of my request to terminate. I advised that the 5 working day (National Consumer Protection Act stipulates WORKING days) cooling off period expires Monday 9 May 2016 since Monday 2 May was a public holiday. I was informed that a registered letter with the date post-marked before the expiry date was sufficient to substitute for the requirement that the letter be delivered and signed for on the expiry date, noting the risk of our postal services with the imminent postal strike. I sent proof of the registration slip and tracking number as well as tracking status daily. They were eventually full of excuses even blaming the security guard for returning the letter to the Somerset West Post Office ! Elsabe was always in meetings and never returned calls. On calling they check who you are via your membership number and clearly this acts as a screen. I was sent an alternative contract proposal at a lower rate which I rejected as this was not the issue. I reversed and stopped the monthly debit order (R780 for 120 months!) On 12 July VHI denied receiving a request during the 5 day period. 25 July 2016, after received an SMS demanding settlement of outstanding payments, I spoke with Lianco (?) and then Maggie who checked the system stating that the the refund was approved and was with accounts. On 19 Aug VHI informed I did not qualify. Following up with Elsabe she was not aware of this and again mentioned a members meeting to approve. I called Elsabe again on 16 Aug who took my cell number (albeit in my file) with the promise to call back to no avail. I called again 19 Aug and intimated that they are purposefully dragging their heels and ignoring all documented communications and that I am within my rights. I received a letter that afternoon again turning down my request and that I am liable for cancellation fees. The latter is not allowed by the CPA.

  • Jo
      16th of Nov, 2016
    0 Votes

    Was taken for the same ride I will also join you: J Lambinon

  • Ma
      2nd of Jan, 2017
    +1 Votes

    @Johan Lambinon To all VHI suckers

    We were invited to a presentation of the above mentioned on 31 st October 2016 at Acasia Guest Lodge in
    Klerksdorp. We are one of the suckers who believe to be a member we will have a lot of benefits. The sales person was Errol van der Westhuizen. He told us that we can cancelled the contract and we will receive our entry fee back if the amount of R8, 000.00 is not been paid in my bankaccount before end of December 2016.
    I am a member of Flexi Club . He told us that VHI will make use of my Bonus Breaks and rent it out to people and I will receive at least R 80, 000 in 8 to 12 weeks. I am going to take action against this fraud and if I can get support from you please in contact me.
    I am a pensioner and I cannot afford this sceme, although they put it to me that I will benefit from them. If I had support I will take the nessesary legal steps to bring VHI to book. We can not let these people get hold of our money .
    Koos Viljoen sel. 0834686713

  • Yo
      12th of Feb, 2017
    0 Votes

    @Magriet Viljoen Same here. We also dealt with Errol van der Westhuizen. If anyone has had some progress please contact me. Yolandi Baker 0826022884

  • Ja
      31st of Aug, 2017
    +1 Votes

    @Magriet Viljoen It is time for a private class action against these people. They have been running their scam for many years and continue to operate with impunity. The NCC is a dead parrot like most ANC controlled entities. Crooked government enables a crooked society and these VHI con artists are laughing every day.
    If legal methods cannot get rid of them then these venomous snakes must be poisoned. Vigilantes must do the job that the ANC crooks refuse to. Any person or entity that refuses to be a part of the solution is a part of the problem.

  • Gi
      19th of Sep, 2017
    0 Votes

    I am in the same boat as all of you. Their promises to make you money from your time share within 3 months is just a ploy to get you to sign their contract with all the fine print at the back that they do not tell you about. And when you question their tactics and lies then they play the waiting game to make sure that the 5 days cooling off period expires. I am in the process of taking legal action to reclaim the amount of R 9, 149.00 I paid over to them. I agree that we must team up against these people that sell a "so called" service agreement with lies to convince you to sign the agreement. I also stopped the debit order. The Consumer Protection Act is clear about false, misleading or deceptive representation about goods and services (4(5)(d) &(c) & 41).
    We are still awaiting my attorney's e-mail to them and will Keep you up to date with the progress.

  • Vi
      18th of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    Vincent Barbarovich/18thMarch2018. Seems like I have also been scammed, on Tuesday 13thMarch 2018 my wife and I were invited to a Presentation by the Horizon Group!! at the Square, 250 Umhlanga Rocks Drive, I questioned if it had anything to do with Timeshare, I was not interested as we already OWN three weeks, with 5 units, all peak - Christmas and New Year also week 1., they said that it definitely had Nothing to do with Timeshare, they said that all we had to do was listen to their presentation - for +- 45 minutes of our time and we could receive a holiday voucher for our trouble!!! boy what a scam! When we got there it was now Vacation Hub International, not Horizon Group, the presenter is excellent!! very fast talker with many figures given to just blow you away, even a DVD clip on a presentation to them as the Top company Internationally, the pressure came after the presentation, figures scribbled all over and over on full sheets of paper, boggling figures, but then when they saw that I was showing interest ( not my wife, she was not too happy) the fool that I am I went for it, they could not get me to give over R14399.00 fast enough, when my FNB card Declined( I am not on a Budget A/c), I should have seen the Red Flag waving. I went and arranged the money for them, had to give them R1400.00 in cash so had to go to a ATM to draw cash, when I got back the "Lady" rushed through the 'Agreement', I signed not reading all the fine print, she just telling me to initial wherever and I "TRUSTED" her, they had continually stated that the full amount payable was the R14399.00 and three months of R500.00 to be paid into the credit card, after 6 - 8 weeks I should receive a cash deposit from VHI which would then be sufficient to settle what was owing to FNB and that I would have extra cash to do with whatever!!! Only when my daughter Googled Hellopeter, did I jump and read this - Agreement!!
    They now want R3043.33 debit order for TWO years, this I have to stop immediately, I signed yes, under great sales pressure, my wife and I cannot and will not be duped to this extent, so Carte Blanche please as soon as possible, my wife is 74years and I am 70 in July, we cannot afford this fraud, Regards Vincent Barbarovich, cell 0828371344.

  • Ch
      27th of Mar, 2018
    +1 Votes

    I am an attorney from Nelspruit. I have taken instructions to claim a refund on two transactions. We served the cancellation letter in terms of the CPA be Sheriff in Somerset West but the doors were closed and shut. We anyway served the notices. Nobody can tell me who Errol van der Westhuizen is. If you know please contact me urgently. I am going to issue summons in the High Court against VHI and van der Westhuizen and stop this illegal behaviour once and for all. I am prepared to act for all those that have lost money free of charge. If you are interested please e-mail me at as soon as possible with full detials of your complaint. Our website is

  • Ma
      30th of Mar, 2018
    +1 Votes

    @Christo Smith My husband and I would like to take up your offer to represent us. I will send you all information over the weekend. Thank you sincerely for your boldness to stop this corrupt organization. Madeleine Vermaak

  • An
      3rd of Apr, 2018
    +2 Votes

    @Christo Smith Hi Christo, i will send you mine - thanks for the representation,

    Regards, Andrias - 0829946762

  • Jr
      9th of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes


  • Ch
      18th of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Christo Smith Christo, hul is vandag 18 April 2018 by die Protea Hotel, Centurion. Daar is 'n MEL wat die VHI aanbieding gedoen het, Hul is elke week daar..miskien kan jul dalk deur die Hotel met hul in kontak kom. Ek was daar maar vinnig genoeg besef dis 'n klomp skelms. "Horison" wat my gekontak het vir die afspraak se nommers is 0617342786...0621078727

  • Vi
      1st of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Christo Smith Christo we are defenitly interested please viva warren 0827038360

  • Wa
      11th of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    I got scammed and. This elsabe labuschagne [censor] is helping them steal money ..
    My email
    When you have presentation.

  • Jo
      26th of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    HI Christo, I also sign the contrract with Errol van der Westhuizen. He promised everything as mentioned above and even pointed to us the R60, 000 rand that we would make per year. We now looking for that specific line item on the contract and we cannot see it on the copy we have. Do they have the white contract that shows something and when we get the Blue copy this is not reflected? Will send my details on your contact details.

  • Ur
      17th of Jul, 2018
    0 Votes

    My husband and I was supposed to go and collect the vouchers for our free holiday later this afternoon in Glenvista where they will be having a presentation, which they said will last +-45 minutes, and now I come across this page, I will definitely not be going. When I asked for information about Horison group they told me the website is still being created, so I could not find their information anywhere, I googled the number 0617342786 where they called from and found no information and only when I googled the second number 0621078727 where they called me from to confirm our appointment, did I get to this page. It if seems to good to be true, then it probably isn't. Where did these people get our contact numbers from?

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