Vac Daddy, SaskatoonDuct cleaning service

This company was selected to clean the ductwork in our home. When the crew showed up they didn't know how to add fuel to their pump, I had to show them. They didn't know how to run the pump, I had to teach them. All their suction lines had gaps and leaked. I had to tape all the joints and cracks in their equipment to get moderate suction out of their system. I had requested the agitation technique to dislodge debris in the ducts. They didn't do it. I had requested the disinfection option. This turned out to be one of the crew "spritzing" a small spray bottle into the fresh air returns! I was left shaking my head at how complete this "dis-service" was. For all this I received a bill for $1800.00. The manager or owner said I didn't complain in time by the time the bill was due. This particular franchisee runs a scam. My recommendation is to look anywhere but to this company for your duct cleaning work!!

Feb 03, 2017

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