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This people are absolutely fraud.i am saying this out of my own personnel experience.
I ordered it and they won't send me any thing even after one month if I try to contact them they always say one item is ready and other is damaged we will take one more week to ship or process the order or what the heck.but it will never ship and they won't respond to you at all but they charge your credit card.but thank god I paid through paypal and opened my eyes after 35 days and opened a case with PayPal and you know what they came running to me you know this time they didn't take time to respond and I don't know how.but PayPal squeezed everything out of these heaters pockets.three cheers to PayPal and please don' t fall for these cheaters.i know sometimes out of desperation we do mistakes but pay through PayPal and after 30 days if you are not getting your order open your eyes and be smart and do what you have to do to get back your respectful hard earned money from these kind of cheaters

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  • Ar
      Oct 11, 2012

    yes i think this is what is happening to me, they didn't ship my order a month after i ordered, they said it was damaged anas asked me to choose another one, which i did fro their 7 days to ship collection, now it has been two weeks nothing has been sent. i emailed them twice and they take about 4 days to reply and its the standard email, had not answered my email at all. their phone number is disconnected. i might contact paypal

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  • Ne
      Dec 01, 2012

    I have similar problem this one happened in may 2012 they charged me directly from my credit card and then order process after three weeks when i send them e-mail for asking when will i get my shipment next day got reply, that saree had some diffected so choose another one and until today matter has not been sort out I'm sick and tired of this company are so fraud... so please dont order from this web site I have talked to many of my friends They all had similar incident with UTSAV.every time some one else send me an e-mail saying get back to you within 24 hours, thats it sick and tired of this company.

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  • Pr
      Jul 30, 2013

    Utsav is the most FRAUDULOUS online Seller ever existed. I dont understand how other buyers saying they were satisfied with the product and services. To me these good reviews must be UTSAv RELATIVES OR uTSAV HIMSELF REVIEWING FOR HIMSELF.
    I had 2 purchases from them. At the first time. I forgive them, i said may be next time, they gonna be more professional. But the next time they were WORST.
    they didnt ship my order. I send them 100 of emails. Asking them to PLEASE SHIP my order URGENTLY.
    Instead, they didnt do a move. Everyday a ndifferent agent of them. one day Parita, another day, sushmita, another day naushad. all of them talking rubbish.
    dont know what they were waiting for my confirmation Customs investigation. I asked them to stop loosing time. to ship my order or otherwise cancel it and return my Money.
    Again, they kept sending messages. asking question about reasons behind my cancellation.
    I tried their phone number. all three lines. 1st phone number is Disconnected temporarily. 2nd, answering machine, but unable to leave message, 3rd line someone answered, but he does not speak english only madras or hindi, I dont know what he is talking about.
    I tried 4 times this 3rd number, . but it wasnt Utsav company, it was someone house.
    UTSAV must be closed down.
    Petition must be raised so that the Indian government send Landing and Seize this Fraudulous shop.

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  • Sh
      Jun 17, 2016
    Utsav fashion - Terrible company
    United States

    Dealing with Utsav is a nightmare, whatever you do stay AWAY from Utsav Fashion. I made the mistake of ordering a SAREE from this place not once, but TWICE in hopes that perhaps the first experience with them was unlucky. Both times I ordered with them they claim to having some kind of problem with the order to which continually delays the whole process of receiving your order. Throughout the order they will give you empty promises that you will receive your order, even claiming that the only thing delaying the order is shipping but the truth of the matter is THEY HAVEN'T EVEN DONE YOUR ORDER!

    Do not let them fool you, they do not care about how badly you need your order (in my case to go to a wedding). They decided to conveniently tell me a week before the event that they cannot complete the order and that they are issuing a refund (mind you, I placed my order TWO MONTHS before I needed it), yes that is indeed how long they will mindlessly delay your order before ultimately screwing you over.

    Not to mention they refuse to refund the transfer fee of $8 for doing an international transaction, not even offering store credit or anything of the store for the huge inconveniences they make you go through..

    The support is terrible as well, the people you speak to don't know anything and will frustrate you to the point that you either hang up or disconnect from the chat, giving completely irrelevant responses to your questions and concerns.

    Please, it is clear to see from their other reviews that this is a business that you do not want to deal with. They do not deserve to be in business and certainly don't deserve your hard earned money so do not allow them the chance to screw you over just as they do everything.

    This company is a parasite that does not go away until they screw you as much as the situation allows.

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  • Pr
      Jul 08, 2016 is a great website undoubtedly. I have been shopping since 2012 and didn't have any problem with the quality or sevice.. I am surprised how people can write so negative.
    I have several friends and so many members in my family as well who are buying from Utsav but nobody faced any problem with this website..

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