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Worst moving experience ever!!! Do not hire this company!!!

1. I was told my stuff would come within + / - 3 days of the date i wanted it delivered considering we did the flex date with the moving truck. Worst decision ever - my stuff came over 2 weeks later than expected.
2. In addition to being late, when i called to ask them about my stuff for the first week and a half they were super sketch about my stuff and would not tell me where it was. It didn't even leave miami until a week after the my stuff was supposed to be delivered.
3. Instead of apologizing for being late, the company and driver were super uncooperative with when to deliver my stuff. I was just starting medical residency and had moved into my place a week before it started. I had orientation the thursday and friday after i moved in - guess what - they wanted to deliver one of those two days - the two days i had specifically told them i would not be home all day. They stressed me out as i tried to figure out what to do. On top of that, they were unreliable with their timings and when they would deliver. They told me that the delivery works on their schedule not mine. Very very unprofessional.
4. In addition to the contract charges, when the driver came to deliver the stuff he demanded an additional $500 for labor and renting a truck. We were not told about these charges and he proceeded to tell me these were legal charges weather the company told me or not about them. How do you do business if all the charges are not clear from the beginning.
5. Their customer service is horrible, unprofessional, unethical, and some of my stuff was damaged - mostly furniture, probably not handled or stored correctly.

Overall this company should not even get 1 star - they should have a negative rating. We went with them because initially they were the lowest pricing and were nice. At the end of the day it cost the same as any other high end moving company - your money would be better spent elsewhere. You want to know what they told me - on pick up we are nice because we want the customer to be happy. This is not true for delivery.

I would recommend paying a little more and moving with another company, because this one is not worth your time or worth the headache. They will make your life miserable.

Jun 14, 2015

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