US-1 Van LinesAbout 35-45% of my belongings are damaged and at least 20% never arrived at all

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I would say about 35-45% of my belongings are damaged and at least 20% never arrived at all to my new home! I have a call in to Danny Vin-something-or-other who was identified to me as the president of the company, and a call in to the "claims department" neither of which have returned my call from 3 days ago.

Now US-1 showed up at my door at 10pm on Sunday night and when I asked why they hadn't called they got angry...not defensive...angry and stated that they had called twice but no one answered. I had the phone sitting next to me for the prior two days as I was told to expect a call and delivery on the 15th or 16th. I had called US-1 and gave them my new phone number the week before because my cell phone was getting poor reception in my new state and I did not want to miss the call...they assured me they would relay the new number. The driver (mouth full of gold teeth wearing a "wife beater" tee shirt and jean shorts...oh and a US-1 baseball cap...nice uniform huh?) told me if I didn't let them unpack my belongings it would be taken to Atlanta and they would charge me to re-deliver it. They had already had my belongings for 3 weeks at this point and I was tired of sleeping on the floor. I gave them the cashiers check for 2500 and they started bringing in boxes...smashed boxes! Everything marked fragile sounded like jingle bells as they carried it in! As I was directing the first to guys to bring the boxes up to the spare room I looked up at the door and there is a kid... an 11-12 year old boy carrying one of my boxes in!!!! (I later asked him what grade he was in and he said "going from 6th to 7th this year" so I am assuming 11-12 years old) Now it's 10:30pm and this child is being yelled at to "pick it up, tighten that [censored] up" in my living room. His father, the "job supervisor" comes in with a box marked attic and asks where it goes...when I reply the attic he says "I'm not being paid for more than one flight of stairs". I tell him that when the guys came to pick up my belongings I told them that the new place had an attic and that that is where the majority of the boxes were going, they told me that the paperwork should indicate 1 flight of stairs because the house was on the ground level, unlike the apartment that was on the 3rd floor. Well the delivery guy once again got angry and abrasive. He literally threw down the box he was carrying and said "you expect me to make my sons do work they aren't getting paid for?" I tried to explain that I had filled out the info as instructed by US-1 and that I was looking to US-1 to guide me in this move...he told me to bring things up into the attic it would be $85 an hour in cash! I was not about to ask my boyfriend to leave me in this house with 4 angry movers and a kid and go pick up cash for them to bring the boxes upstairs. So I told them to just stack the boxes in the 2nd bedroom. Stack... what does that word mean? I don't think they got that concept as both bedrooms were filled to the door with my belongings that was thrown around and left wherever it landed. You could not enter either of the bedrooms without bringing things back downstairs to make room. Oh and while they were throwing things into the master bedroom one of the boxes landed so hard on the floor it shook the ceiling above the kitchen and the light fixture fell to the ground and shattered. When I pointed this out the "job supervisor" said "must not have been on there too good"! Nothing should have hit the florr so hard as to make the light fixture fall! When I asked the "job supervisor" what my options were for getting my boxes put into the attic he told me that he could call someone at us-1 but they would be mad at him for calling and making them talk to a customer, and when I requested he call he threw up his hands and said "I'm done trying to be nice to people, I don't want to talk to her anymore" as he walked out of my house (with 75% of my belongings still on the driveway). I told him "I understand you are tired and mad that the paperwork wasn't filled out the way you expect it to be but I only did as I was told to by US-1 ... we still have to have a working relationship" to which he replied "No we don't I don't have nothin to say to you" then as he passed me with a box in his hands he said to the older mover "I'm bout ready to blow up in here". I was seriously considering calling the cops at this point, I was very uncomfortable and I knew my boyfriend was getting angrier and angrier at how this whole thing was being handled. I should note that my boyfriend tried to talk to the guy too saying things like we're not blaming you and no one is attacking you, but he was met with the same replies I was getting. The job was being rushed, we were outnumbered and couldn't effectively supervise anything that was going on beyond standing at the door and directing where items were supposed to go. They mentioned at least 50+ times during the whole process that they were tired and had to get done ASAP cause they were driving from NC to Orlando that night. It was rushed and overwhelming and almost surreal.

At another point I offered the movers bottles of water and they said thank you that they would take them when they were done. No more than 3 minutes later one of them, that hadn't been there when I offered, actually looked at me and said "don't offer us no water of juice or nothing, you see we sweatin here" to which I replied "I did offer, do you want some water?" he said "I'm just playin with ya". Now I'm starting to notice every piece of furniture that was supposed to be professionally wrapped and packed is dinged up, dented, ripped, or broken entirely. I'm actually missing cushions from my loveseat, there are supposed to be 5 and there is 1, making it useless now! I start to lose it, I'm overwhelmed and my eyes start to well up with tears. One of the movers jokes that I'm having a nervous breakdown! I start to open boxes marked fragile and lo and behold a 28" by 42" gold leaf framed mirror is smashed. (I hope that counts towards their bad luck not mine!) I finally understand the expression "beside myself" as I am standing there beside myself with disbelief that this is actually happening. Have I mentioned yet that the entire time they are all throwing around curses I wouldn't use in front of my mother? Or that when it came time to bring in my dresser (which is large long ways) they "try" for a good 20 seconds to get it up the stairs then inform me that it can't go upstairs...then they ask me how they should position it to get it up the stairs and I tell them "I don't know I'm not an engineer or a mover" the "supervisor" says to me "everything you say is 'I don't know, what do you know'" to which I reply "I'm not going to tell you I know something when I don't" and my boyfriend adds "we paid to have this done professionally because we don't know how to do it all, we paid almost five thousand for the service". So they tell me the dresser can't go upstairs and leave it in the living room. Next came the box spring. Queen size. (They have already scratched up every wall in the house, the house was professionally painted prior to our moving in now the walls are all scratched up and dinged and dented...mush like the furniture.) They start to try to shove it up the stairs, past the banister and scraping the walls, ceiling, and front door in the process. They give up and tell me that the box spring can't get up the stairs either. My boyfriend suggests taking the front door off the hinges to give them the extra few inches they'd need and they tell him they don't have tools to do that. In the contract they are supposed to reassemble the furniture like the are they going to do that with no tools? My boyfriend goes out to the garage where thy put a tool box (one of the two we shipped...the one that actually made it) and it is the smaller of the two tool boxes and does not contain a screwdriver, it has mostly nuts, bolts, nails, and wood sculpting tools in it. So now we don't have the tools to take off the door either. The box spring is leaned against the dresser and left in the living room. The beds are not reassembled... there is no room anywhere for us to sleep and we still aren't done!

I start to take pictures of the damaged furniture and the broken items and I happen to catch the 11 year old in one of the pictures, the dad/supervisor then tells the child not to go back in the house, but rather to go fold moving blankets on the truck. I am glad for this as I was very uncomfortable with such a young child being made to work in the heat in the middle of the night. One of the two identified as the sons pulls me aside and says he is sorry his dad is acting so "ugly" and that he would try to get a few boxes up to the attic without being caught. He doesn't, but it was a nice gesture/thought. There are stains and foot prints and dirt all over the carpets that were professionally cleaned on the 30th of June. I am horrified to tell my landlord what happened to his house.

They are done bringing in all the boxes now the rest of the furniture has to come in. Remember there is a large dresser and a box spring that I had not anticipated being in the living room to contend with. The supervisor asks where I want the rest of the furniture and suggests the garage. I tell him that nothing but the large upright freezer was to be in the garage and he says "fine we'll pile up the furniture in the living room" and that is exactly what they did...until they walked up to the door with a very large still wrapped in shrink wrap sofa. When I see it coming I tell them to stop and inform them that the sofa they are carrying into my house is not mine! To which the supervisor say "well then it's mine now' and one of the sons says "that would look nice in my dorm room". They load it back on the truck. The older mover puts his hand on my shoulder and tells me that I will have to file a claim and that it's going to be all right...then he asks me... "Do you want some Valium? I have 10 milligram tabs in the truck." HE OFFERED ME DRUGS!

Next the supervisor comes in and puts the paperwork down and tells me to sign and date this blank line. I start to read the paragraph above where I am signing and he says "just sign and date there" and pushes it further in front of me. Then he has me sign one or two more of the same sheets and rips off the copies and hands them to me. Two of the pages are the inventory sheets...when my belongings were loaded there were 3 inventory sheets...I don't even know what to say about that. There is no way they could possibly have been checking the items if they didn't even have a full inventory list! I am discovering more and more missing as I begin to unpack and assess the damage.

I asked about the other tool box and am told "it must not have made it" father's tool box that he left me when he passed...with his tools and my grandfathers tools in it... the tool box I pad locked. Gone. I step outside as I think they are about done and there is charcoal all over the driveway, broken up and ground into the cement and brick. "Oh" I'm told when I ask what is this all over the driveway, "your grill fell over and the coals fell out". they made no effort to clean it, nor any of the tape or other debris that was laying all over the ground (I guess they figured it was dark and I wouldn't notice) there were water bottles tossed into the bushes of my new neighbors house, and the next day I walked out and noticed a blouse of mine strewn in the bushes next to my front door! The grill that "fell over" was leaned up against my car! Then I noticed there was a large box leaned up against it too. I asked what the box was and the older mover said he didn't know. I asked my boyfriend if he had instructed anyone to leave a box outside and he said "no, of course not". The older mover then said he'd move it. When the supervisor saw him doing that he shouted from the truck "What are you doin? Y'all actin like you gettin a tip or somethin, just leave it!" I turned to him and said you might have gotten a tip if I had more than 3 seconds warning that you were coming" he called me a ### and got in the truck.

That night my boyfriend spend about 30-45 minutes in the bedrooms and stacks things up... there is now enough room to fit a queen sized bed in each room and be able to walk around it. That is how disorganized and "just thrown in" all of my belongings were. I contact the better business bureau and after telling only 2 minutes of my story the woman on the phone tells me that with so much involved I should contact the president of the company and attempt to work it out with him, as she believes they would not want this on their public record and I would get fast resolution to my problems. I start trying to call US-1. I get a person when I select option 3 (for claims) and I ask for the president of the company's name and phone number. I am put on hold and hung up on. I call back, get the same girl and she gives me the name and the extension number, and informs me that he is not in and that I would probably just get his voicemail. I do, and leave a message letting him know that the bureau told me I should talk to him before filling a formal complaint. I still have not heard back.

To recap..if you are still reading:
No call, arrive at 10pm on a Sunday night.
Bring an 11-12 year old boy with them to unload my belongings.
Rude, abrasive, threatening (throwing boxes).
Not careful with belongings or the house (scraping walls chipping corners).
Not uniformed as the hold music and contract indicate.
Not fully trained as the hold announcement claims, how much training do you think the 11-12 year old got?
Hold announcement claims "Never a charge for stairs" I was told $85 an hour in cash.
Most items are damaged.
Quite a few items missing (I still don't know the full extent of the missing items yet, just the boxes that are missing and loveseat cushions).
They offered me illegal drugs.
They comment about a tip.
They leave the house and yard a mess.
They do not reassemble the furniture (they don't even leave room for us to do it).
They throw boxes so hard they shatter the kitchen ceiling light fixture.
I'm called a ### as they are leaving.

That about wraps it up! I'm sure there is more actually, but my boyfriend would have to read this over and add to if and he is asleep. I can't sleep because I keep thinking about this whole thing and how much I lost by using US-1.


  • Sr
    sreenivasa jagarlamudi Apr 21, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is a big fraud company. Seems their business is cheating, stolen and the only service they provide is to rip off the next customer. 20% of my stuff was stolen by their employees. Once I opened the box (Each and every box) got opened and valuable stuff was stolen by these professional thieves. Two packages got missed and I called Customer service department many times, but there is no response. How to file a case about these Criminal?. They haven’t even responded as of today about my missed packages. How will I file a case about my stolen stuff? I have a complete inventory of the items are stolen by them. Why BBB allowing them to do this kind of criminal business. I will be filing a class action suit against them join me in my quest to see these guys behind bars and lose every penny they ever made. They need to lose their license to do business and RICO charges should be filed against the mob like criminal activity they continue to enjoy. Put them out of business today before they move anyone else tomorrow.

    Why this law is protecting only Cheaters not real victims?
    They cheated me about the billing part to. i want a justice.

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  • An
    Angrycustomer Mar 30, 2009

    I will willing testify, , , if you are serious about it... Valuable items are missing and they will not return my calls. The switched the billing as well for me, they never called as promised... I am extremely mad, at the way the employees talked to me and my building where I reside... so please if you are going to court, I will not hesitate to follow you, with witnesses as well!!!

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  • Us
    US-1RippedMeOffToo Jun 01, 2009

    The owners of US-1 Van Lines are scoundrels, as are many of their employees. DO NOT USE US-1 VAN LINES! You will regret it.

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  • Ja
    jak Jun 04, 2009

    " US 1 Van Line" and "TRANSIT U.S.A." - Guys... this is One of Kind company, but NOT in a good way! ;-((
    They are lying you, just to get you sight a contract. Then they will encrease your mooving price, storage price,
    charging your for things which is not in contract! The manager Lisa and David, are worse people I have ever had a business with,
    they are so rud and unprofessional, I would never recommend to anyone have business with " US-1 VanLine" and "TRANSIT U.S.A."
    these are two names they are using, located in Miami, FL and GA, tel. 305-653.2121. Be safe and be aware of rats!

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  • Sm
    sma Jun 09, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I can completely understand what you are talking about. They are thieves! We decided to hire them because we believed the ### that is up on the site and paid a lot because they say that it is an A- business. Worse customer service ever!

    We moved from Miami to Los Angeles and one month afterwards (even though they said it will arrive 2 weeks later) received our stuff and the most expensive box of course was missing! Since we paid so much money already we did not think it was necessary to have extra insurance. After all "they are an A- business" right? I am so upset because how suspicious is it to not return the electronics box??? Everything else arrived, some broken, but it arrived. It was one of their electronic boxes that was missing, so they knew what was in there. Our computer, flat screen and other Hard drives that have sentimental value, all of our family pictures and files. Unbelievable!

    If you know of somebody that is about to move, advise them to never hire this company!

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  • Ka
    kateusa Jun 21, 2009

    Hello everyone, this message for those who had bad experience with US-1 Line moving company (aka US Transit), located in Miami and GA.

    I am writing you about storage and moving company US 1 Lines.
    So many people get not just bad service but was robbed.
    Now we are filling a low suite agents US-1 Line moving company, for overcharging, racketeering and braking the Contract.
    If you like to join us, please respond to this letter at [protected]

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  • Ke
    KEE814 Aug 20, 2009

    Worst moving company ever...lost my $700 brand new mattress and tried to give me someone elses mattress that was the wrong size with stains all over it. They also broke my TV (has a big crack down the center) and my headboard. I have made numerous calls to them with no response. I finally got a letter saying my stuff was estimated at 40 pounds (way under actual weight) and they would give me $100. I would do anything to put this company out of business! Never book anything with them!

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  • At
    Atlanta, victim Sep 21, 2009

    I also had the same experience as all of you. Please make sure you leave your experience on /link removed/ (Better Business Bureau) and also google the company and leave review on EVERY site that allows you to rate and review this company. We will be filing a law suit against this company with in the next 30 days! Someone needs to stop this company!

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  • I am too busy on the phone to try to get my property back but will definitely come back and post my story...this company is horrific!!!Don't ever use them!!!

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  • Ca
    CaptainT Oct 27, 2009

    I used them to move from the midwest to the west coast..the pickup was excellent but the delivery was a starkly contrasting story..trashed boxes, broken items and missing items. They lost my sewing machine and my leather ottoman..the ottomon not being all that small. I called 60 days ago and still nothing. I have field a claim and I have called. yes they answer but the response me next me next week..8 weeks later still no results. The thing I want to to know is how long to I have to wait before I can file legal action. It is ridiculous..never again will I use them.

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  • Ye
    Yetanothervictim3 Feb 11, 2010

    I am starting legal action against this company, if interested please contact me at [protected]

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  • Do
    DO NOT USE AUGUST 2010 Aug 14, 2010


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  • Sh
    shanaonn Jan 02, 2011

    US 1 VAN LINES OF TEXAS and VIKING VAN LINES OF FLORIDA are same or exchange there business, and both are fraud... because you will never get your valuble things. If you call them to find out about this they will never pick up the phone all it goes to the answering machine... if somebody pick up the phone they will say soon or later it will deliver to you...but you will nver gonna get it... STAY AWAY FROM USI VAN LINES OR VIKING VAN LINES

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  • Sh
    shanaonn Jan 02, 2011

    us 1 van lines is the dirtiest business practice in the world. there business partner is viking van lines also... here are the adress
    us1 van lines, 2565 w commerce st, dallas, tx
    us1 van lines, 650 nw 105 st, miami, fl
    viking van lines, 10500, n w 50 st, sunrise, fl
    they constantly changing there parners or adress

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  • Sh
    shanaonn Jan 02, 2011

    i lost so many valuble things when i moved from texas to new york... i called the us1 van lines office they never pick up the phone... then i complaint to the attorney general of texas and still waiting...

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  • Dd
    DD1979 Oct 18, 2011

    US Van Lines is THE WORST moving company I have ever hired. They damaged so many of my items and are avoiding returning my calls to file a claim. The boxes were marked FRAGILE but they clearly threw them around because everything inside was broken. BEWARE

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  • Dd
    DD1979 Oct 18, 2011

    US 1 Van Lines is terrible! Poor communication, late arrival, threw around my FRAGILE boxes and BROKE EVERYTHING. Did not wrap furniture and mattresses were very dirty upon arrival, disassembled furniture while in storage and permanently damaged it, poor customer service, did not respond to claim. NEVER AGAIN. Please beware.


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  • M2
    M2S Feb 19, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just had a similar experience with this moving company. I was surprised to see how many complaints there are describing almost the same details. Should any of your cases still be open, please contact me to explore the possibility of future class action against them.


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  • G5
    g51 Jul 08, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    US-1 is everything that has been said in these blogs and more. You are right, Lisa is the most unprofessional (what, dispatcher, manager, ? what IS her title? screamer?) unknowledgeable, self important, buffoon I have ever had to deal with. And they hired a no name mover (right, US-1 trained employees only, uniformed) who's driver was an immigrant from Russia who assumed erroneously that he knew the US laws and tried to bully me all day, as well as the helpers he hired who were also not US-1 employees. And he tried to pull away with my furniture still in his rag-tag truck because I wouldn't sign a" contract" that he 'created' re: paying him an additional amount for the few feet over the 75 level feet to the furniture's destination, ...After taking the certified bank check that I had paid him for the unloading. Now that is a felony and I was about to call the police when he stopped. Also, I had to pay him directly, not US-1. Didn't I hire US-1?
    This whole day was incredibly stressful and just plain horrible and I will write more about the specifics once I recover. DOT, BBB, and the Licensing and Insurance Division, watch for my letters.
    How can an industry with so many complaints and shady practices still be allowed to take advantage of the public? Kickbacks...?

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  • De
    Depply Concerned Citizen Aug 14, 2014

    I want to be involved in a class action lawsuit as well. Please let me know how to proceed.

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  • Bu
    bummedinflorida Sep 05, 2014

    OMG! Just read through this string and now I am shaking. US-1 is holding me hostage and will not deliver my entire household of furniture. Which after reading all this doesn't even sound like the worst part. I could do nothing but reiterate what has already been listed here in regards to unprofessional ism and being rude so I will only reiterate DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE.

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  • Vi
    Vincent Howard Jan 19, 2015

    If anyone has any contact information for Lisa Johnson's boss (the manager) I would love to have an opportunity to contact him regarding the business practice of his establishment. [protected]

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  • G1
    G123456 May 07, 2016

    I agree very strongly absolutely true. I have similar nightmarish experience. Moved my kid's sparse dorm furniture ( student desk, chair, queen bed mattress, box spring, bed frame, small wardrobe, a mirror and two boxes, that is absolutely all of it !!! ) from Zip 30033 to 30088 (storage facility less than 10 miles away)
    The truck arrived SIX HOURS later than the appointed time.The moving crew was outlandishly unprofessional, threw around the furniture hitting against the wall, doors, window glass, knocking down picture frames, wall mounts, pretty much anything they can find on the way from first floor to the truck. Upon arrival at the storage first thing they demanded the full settlement before unloading, got their money and then threw around the furniture some more. They were loud, highly irritable and abusive. We found every item in the consignment was broken or coming apart at the seams except the mattress and the box spring. The mirror was totally broken.
    They told us to call their boss and drove away without even a backward glance.
    Needless to say I am still waiting for the "Boss" to call back to answer at least one of my multiple calls.
    You know how much I paid for this " SERVICE"? 500.00, yes FIVE HUNDRED $
    If ever you want to flush your hard earned money down the toilet, then
    US-1 Van Lines
    6474 Warren Dr.
    GA 30033
    Phone [protected] Ext. 123

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