Urban Planet / privacy violation in fitting room

Scarborough Town Centre, Toronto ON, Canada

Store: Scarborough Town Centre (In Toronto, ON) 1st Level Urban Planet
Date/Time of Incident: Saturday June 13, 2015 approx 11:45am ET

I am absolutely astonished and disgusted with the experience I had at this store today. I had requested to use the fitting room with some merchandise and as I was trying on some pieces, my mother had come into my stall so I could show her how the outfit looked.Everything that followed this has me completely mindblown. The person responsible for the fitting room immediately tried to barge into my stall, yelling at the top of her lungs "GET OUT NOW! GET OUT NOW! YOU CANNOT GO IN THERE!" She kept banging on the door insisting that my mom leave the stall - my mother and were both confused and the girl continued at the top of her lungs "ONLY ONE PERSON IN THE STALL! GETOUT NOW! GET OUT NOW! SECURITY! SECURITY! SOMEONE CALL SECURITY!" It was COMPLETELY barbaric! All this time, I was half dressed, ie - half naked. I was hiding behind the door as this girl kept trying to barge in through the stall. I feel absolutely VIOLATED. The policy may be that only one person in the stall, which is fine. But please, there was no explaining or at the very least, any sense of professionalism at all. The way this young person acted had me really embarrassed and made me instantly just put all the items I had in my arm down. I feel disgusted and violated and makes me not want to visit this store EVER AGAIN. I instantly lost all interest for shopping at this place because my privacy was VIOLATED. I feel mildly assaulted at the way this lady acted. I will be sure to share my experience with social media as I don't want any one that I know to have the same experience I did.

I had asked to speak to the Manager who refused to give me her name and did NOTHING to solve the incident. As I explained to her how I was violated, she just nodded and said nothing at all. Not even a single apology.

I will NOT ever be okay with the way I was treated at this store. My privacy was physically violated.

Jun 13, 2015

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