UPS Store Chester, MDnew york and company drop off lost

I dropped my items off at the UPS in Chester, MD somewhere around May 17-20 (Not sure of the exact date). Just last night I checked my bill and found that my merchandise had not been returned. I called UPS office in Chester, MD and Jasmine was very pleasant. She indicated that she would forward my concerns to the manager. Well, I wasn't satisfied really considering I have 500.00 worth of items missing. I called the customer service number listed for UPS and was immediately told to call someone at the corporate office. So I speak with a gentleman name Mr. Alejancro who seemed to be a little p'terd with me during the phone conversation. I felt that I have a right to be frustrated. There was no verbal use exchanged. So he says that they will do an investigation. I have never experienced this kind of mess before in my life. I have a lot of concerns about this issue not being resolved because I have been passed down to so many people today. Mr. Alejancro was short with me and I did not appreciate it. I don't have 500.00 to throw away. I am very upset and will continue to be upset until my package is located. I did not feel the genuine concern and I will continue to reach out to additional persons until my matter has been resolved.
Feeling angry
Michele Foster

May 30, 2018

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