UPS Store #3558 Cary, NCconsistently rude and misleading

After my third negative experience in the store I knew it wasn't an accident or anomaly. 1. Owner or proprietor (middle aged male with glasses) yelled at me for buying only shipping tape to leave pre -paid UPS parcel. He then ordered me to buy stamps to "make his credit card machine work". 2.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Cary, NCThe next time he was rude to my wife for putting prepaid UPS parcel on counter with other outbound UPS packages w/o his permission. Not sure what this guy's problem is but we will never use the store again and have told others to steer clear. When we mentioned to our neighbor our experience, they had a terrible story to share as well. UPS must have no control of the experience in UPS Store 3558 to let this continue.


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