Universal Studios / Misleading Dietary Information

Orlando, FL, United States

Every year that we go to Universal Studios we get differing advice on dietary requirements:
Two years ago we were told that the cheese used on pizzas was definitely vegetarian and had no animal rennet in it.
Last year we were told by the head chef Bob Burdock that the cheese pizzas were vegan (which was a lie.)
Last year Michael Aubun carried out extensive search and told us that the cheese on pizzas was not vegan but vegetarian and the head chef had got confused.
This year I was told straight way without any research that the cheese was not suitable for vegetarians and had animal rennet in it. Surely this is illegal to tell any old lie to customers with dietary requirements.
The customer services at Universal Studios is terrible and no One person deals with you and no-one seems to know what they are talking about.
Debra Robinson

May 23, 2015

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