United States Census Bureau / harassment from abigail triana regarding completion of census survey

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Abigail Triana came to my home multiple times knocking and demanding I complete a US census survey. On March the 9th she knocked several times after being asked to leave, and stated "This is a warning and that she will return." On March 18th she returned and threatened if I did not fill out the form online or mail in a form I would be fined and jailed. March 21st and 22nd I contacted the corporate offices listed on the business card she left and explained the incident. Corporate gave me her supervisors information, Brenda Harmelin, whom I also contacted. I informed her that her employee made me feel uncomfortable and that if she returned I would file a harassment complaint or restraining order. On March 22nd (hours after I just spoke with her supervisor) I was returning home from walking my dog and Abigail was standing in front of my door and blocking the entrance to my home. I asked her to leave because I had a dentist appointment and needed to take my dog inside. After stating she would not leave, I decided to record this incident with my camera phone. I explained to her I did not complete the survey and I would like her to leave or I will call the cops. After several minutes of her blocking my entrance I stopped recording and contacted the Miami Beach Police Department. She stated she would wait on the cops, because she is doing her job. I manage to move pass her and up the steps to my home. While I'm speaking to the officer she was still waiting outside my door. I explained to the officer over the phone what was happening and he advised me what needed to be done in order to file a harassment complaint. My next step will be a restraining order. I understand she has a job. Her job is to inform citizens about filing out a census survey, not to harass and threaten citizens if they don't comply. Additional screening and training should be done for those working for or representing our government even its a survey worker for the US Census Bureau.

United States Census Bureau
United States Census Bureau

Mar 23, 2017

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