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My car was recently stolen (7/9/16) and unfortunately recovered 6 days later after being in several high speed chases ultimately blowing out the front tire. I contacted USAA and left several messages over the 6 day period and my only return contact with USAA was a message they left on their website...I actually begged them to call me back. When I finally got in touch with them by calling through a different department, they informed me of all the things that I had to do to get my car back - they didn't actually assist or do ANYTHING. I stupidly used one of their approved bodyshops who didn't check the engine or front end - ONLY the body components (in a car everyone knows was abused).. USAA authorized all of the work without my consent and sent the check to the auto shop. I found out via their website. I completely disagreed with their estimate (replacing only 1 tire on an AWD quattro?, ~$400 for rim repair - why not buy a new one for that price?, etc.) They also do not account for the loss in value of a stolen vehicle. This has been the most unprofessional company I have ever worked with - They used to have my respect for the past 24 years. I will be leaving them and wont look back - other companies are just as good if not better now.

Jul 20, 2016

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