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Myrtle Beach, SC, United States

I agree with all of you. United is the worst health insurance company I have ever had to deal with. I had Blue Cross Blue Shield, which I was very happy with. In January of this year, my company switched to United Health Care. They have made me livid in the short time I’ve been stuck with them. Let me save you a lot of time, money and frustration. Do not get involved with United even if they seem the cheapest. They run you around in circles, lie and do everything possible to not pay valid claims(guess that‘s how they save money). They are inept and unethical. Warning long post!

I have very bad veins in my legs. I have varicose veins that are extremely bulged. They cause severe pain in my legs and I have problems with day to day activities. One of the veins in my left leg ruptured leaving a very large, deep ulceration. It became infected several times causing me to go to my primary physician. It was not healing properly and my legs are getting worse. My regular Dr. sent me to a vein specialist. On January 2, 2013 I had an ultrasound on both legs at the Vein Center. The ultrasound showed I have venous reflux. The valves are broken in both my legs.

On 1-23-13 I had a consultation with the specialist and he said I need surgery on both my legs to correct the problem or it will get worse. I was scheduled to have the left leg done on March 14th and the second leg completed on March 28th. The Dr. office began the process of pre-approval. That is when it started going downhill really fast.

On 2-7-13 my Dr. office spoke to a representative from UHC and sent my information to UHC, including the ultrasound report. On 2-12-13 a UHC RN, called stating that there wasn’t enough information to approve the procedures. On 2-13-13 the information was re-faxed and my Dr was told by the RN that it would have to go to the review board.

On 2-20-13, a peer to peer was performed between my Dr. and UHC Dr. My Dr. was told that everything seemed in order, it was just that they hadn’t received a copy of the ultrasound report. This had already been sent to them two times 2-17-13 and 2-13-13.

My Doctor was given an approval number. I have a record of that number, but I am not going to post on this open forum. My Dr. was told to send the information to the UHC Dr again on a secure E-Mail and to include the venous duplex ultrasound again. This was done and after this my Dr. office can’t even get anyone to speak to them. They sent a notice to my Dr. office denying the procedure as medically unnecessary (SERIOULSY?).

I already took the time off work to have surgery tomorrow. They are still screwing around. My Dr. reported them to the Better Business Bureau. I reported them to my employer who I am insured through. I am getting documentation and filing complaint with the state, the AMA etc. I suggest anyone that has problems with them to do the same.

The fact that they can’t seem to hang on to anyone’s information proves one of two things. One, they purposely lose information to avoid paying claims - total fraud. Second, they are extremely negligent with people’s private information which is in violation of federal law. In my opinion their business practices are illegal. Positively the absolute medical insurance I have ever had to deal with.

Mar 13, 2013

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