United Healthcare / customer service

I just want to mention I've been going through this for a month or so with united healthcare which is the worst insurance I had so far! I call the member line to ask a question and they don't give right answers then blame me for that and that I should understand my insurance and that they're not going to cover the service that they said they would. First I go to my primary care physician and get referrals as my plan requires that but then I ask my insurance when my doctor gave me paper referrals if it's ok so the member services rep tells me it doesn't matter paper or online referrals both are ok so I do that and use my paper referral finding out after a few weeks it's not and wasn't used towards my insurance and I have to pay full service when I have an insurance plan with reps who don't know anything about their job. Then I call to mention my previous conversation but then they tell me it's my fault and my primary care physician fault and they won't cover the service! Tell me about customer service and how those employees actually have jobs till now then I call someone in the claims department who literally tells me none of these claims will get covered and doesn't go to listen to the conversations that happened through out a month and when I get frustrated he dares to tell me if you don't lower your voice I'll hang up the phone on you and you'll be gone! Reps name is Dan! And a lot of other reps before him giving me wrong answers and blame me at the end for not understanding my [censored]en plan! A bunch of [censored] working for crooks! I'm planning on taking all this to an attorney and see if there are legal actions that can be taken and to find all those [censored] who work for this [censored]en company and don't know anything about anything and dare to talk to members who pay for their plans which keeps their jobs like that!

Jul 24, 2018

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