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I started receiving calls from an unknown number a few days ago. There were no messages left on my voicemail; therefore, I was unable to return the phone calls. I finally received a phone call at a time that I was able to answer the phone. I was greated with the standard collection introduction. I was informed of a credit card debt that I owe to citicard. I have been unable to pay this debt because I did not have a stable job for some time. Seeing as I now have a stable job I decide to go ahead and make payment arrangements. I listen to the settlement agreements which are unacceptable because of the astronomical amount they wanted me o send in such a short length of time. I informed her that I would send as much as I could afford; however, their expectations are too much. I was told "blah blah blah... you have had this debt long enough it's time for you to man up and start paying my client." Completely taken off guard by this representative I simply hung up. I receive another call in which we go through the same initial greeting and statements. I respond with the same statement from the previous call. The representative by the name of Michelle asks for bank account information. I inform her that my bank account is currently in the process of being paid for as well and I will be unable to provide her with that information. The representative actually tried to coerce me into giving her the account information anyway knowing that the account is closed. I told her that I would not do such a thing because it could come back and hurt me in the future. She tells me that she is trying to help me out and not to have an attitude with her. I ask to speak to her supervisor because by now I have had quite enough of this company. The supervisor comes to the phone and immediately begins to belittle me telling me that all of my accounts have gone into default. He also attempts to say my students loans are in default which not true. They are deferred. Also, he tells me that while I was looking for a job I should have gotten employed at McDonald's or Burger King because they are always hiring. Secondly, he says that I should have gotten two jobs. He then asks were I am currently working. I tell him that is none of his concern. He responds by telling me that I should tell him because he is going to start calling my friends and family members. At this point, I terminated the call.

I did a little more research and found some other cases were this company's representatives have harassed, threatened, and misled people they have called. I have gone to the company's corporate website, and I am going to contact the owner and the president of the company. I have also spoken with citicard and asked them to allow me to pay them instead of paying the collections agency because of their misconduct. Is there anything else I can do?

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  • Ka
      10th of Mar, 2009

    They did the same to me for over a year despite the fact that I am disabled and until recently was not granted Social Security Disability. They threatened me, called several times a day until I made one payment of $1, 000 and on my own am just sending them about $150 a month. They can't do anything to you as long as you pay, no matter how much or how little, as long as you are paying something. I will decide, not them, when I have reached what I owe not their inflated figure.

    Maybe if everyone wrote the the Better Business Bureau about them someone might listen.

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  • Oh
      25th of Apr, 2009

    I received a letter from my credit alert member service team regarding a change on my credit report involving United Collections Bureau. The amount that United Collections Bureau is claiming that I owe is $29 dollars. The company that I might owe the money to NetZero even though I never used the service. I am going to call United Collections Bureau on Monday to find out who I owe the money to.

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  • Pe
      23rd of Oct, 2009

    Citibank was there when you needed credit, now that they want the money YOU SPENT you complain LOL! Maybe if you paid your bills you wouldnt be getting collection calls. Job or no job, you signed a legally binding contract and when they want the money they LOANED YOU with good faith you should pay it. People like you are why this country is in the mess it is. Whose fault is it that you took the rope to hang yourself finanically? Not Citibanks but yours! Its called personal responsibility, maybe you should Google it.

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  • Ka
      5th of Feb, 2010
    Ucb United Credit Bureau - Harassing phone calls-phishing
    United States

    Receive phishing phone calls for collections from UCB. Female screaming to know if someone is my relative and if I can get a hold of them. Would not give her full name, supervisor name, company address and hung up when I said 'well, i need that information to turn you into the State of Florida. I have a do not call line and you're phishing for information not pertinent to me or my phone line.

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  • Jo
      31st of Mar, 2010

    i told them they can suck my dick and ill pay em later

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  • Ad
      18th of Aug, 2010
    United Credit Bureau - Calling my sister
    United Credit Bureau
    United States

    They called my sister to find out about me.

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  • St
      2nd of Aug, 2011

    Same thing happened in my case but told me that criminal charges of check fraud were going to be filed can they do that?

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  • Ml
      23rd of Jun, 2014

    Funny when they owe you money they are not so quick to pay. They OWE ME $300 and ive yet to receive my check. I may have to sue them. Ironic how I have to do collections on a collections company.

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  • Wi
      17th of Jul, 2014

    I have been receiving calls from them for over a month. Their number only shows up as 419. I finally called and spoke with a Rep. (had to listen to the voice mail until they stated whom was calling) that was rude. She stated that they only had another persons account sense June 30th.. Funny how they have been calling my number looking for another person longer then that.

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