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Last Tuesday, October 22, 2002, around 12:30pm, I received a written note on my screen door describing the time of day, the representative of the collection agency, Mr. Lance Smith, involved, the phone number and extension number of the representative's company, words 'urgent' and 'contact' included in the note, and my neighbor's first name on the bottom.

I checked the phone number to see if it's just a fake number or a legitimate phone number of the collection agency that has contacted me by mail. It really was United Collections Bureau in its answering machine programming. So, I called the extension number indicated to ask why leave such information to my nextdoor neighbor instead of me. They would not tell me their method of obtaining their information.

The representative started rattling out, without allowing interruption, about the total debt, the option of lowering the amount to a thousand dollars or another thousand. He only left me with a minimum of $4000 after embarrassingly telling him that I am currently homeless (living in a temporary transitional housing program), been unemployed since March 1, 2002 due to temp. agency layoff, sexual assault victim in July 2002, and a domestic violence victim from family.

There is no way such company could squeeze me off $100 even what more if it's $4000? Not even my own mother could help me because she has been under collections for years and currently have not gotten out of bad debt. I have no friends to turn to for money.

I need to know if this company, their client, or both companies are ripping me off bigtime. I refuse to send out money to the wrong party or a con artist if I ever get hired for a job. Even if I start working, there is no way I could come up with money like that in a week's time. Mr. Smith claims that his client is not giving anymore time and may turn my case to a judge for judgment in a short time. He said something about 'him telling his client not to sue me anymore because of my current condition' but still demanding the $4000.

Please pursue this rip-off case with honest determination. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

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  • Ly
      Aug 09, 2019

    I received a letter July 31, 2019 stating that I had a way past due balance with a local department store. While I do have a card with this company, I know that I do not owe them any money.
    They kept wanting to discuss my payment options, I asked them to verify any of my information, they couldn't.
    These are way bad people, shame on them and their elk.
    Please tell your parents and friends to beware.

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